The “I Can’t Cook To Save My Life” Guide to Making Valentine’s Dinner

So you want to surprise your sweetheart with a super special Valentine’s Dinner? But then you remember that the last time you ever tried to cook anything ended with you lying in the fetal position on the floor crying out, “Why!?!”

But fear no more. Quirky Daily is here to help! Cooking a special meal for your sweetheart doesn’t have to be rocket science and you don’t need to be Martha Stewart (even though she is pretty gangster)

First things first

Keep it simple! As long as you didn’t tell bae that you graduated from culinary school and can make flambé with your eyes closed while you tap-dance, then things will be fine. He/she won’t be expecting anything remotely close to a five star dinner. Valentine’s Day is all about being caked up with your love and spending time together. That’s what’s important!

Keep things simple

Unless your love is a vegetarian, you can’t go wrong with steak and a baked potato. It’s a classic staple that is filling and looks fancy. To make a quick steak and potato dinner, grab a nice cut of steak (nothing too pricey; a Sirloin is just fine) and a potato. Lightly grill the steaks with seasoning and olive oil in a pan on the stove top and throw that baked potato in the oven on 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about an hour. Pair up your meal with some wine (or Pepsi—that’s my choice). And boom! There you go. A bad-ass fancy looking dinner for you and your boo (don’t you feel better already?)

Mess up things together

Some of the best moments in a relationship come from moments of complete and utter disaster. If you both know you can’t cook, just have fun with it! Make some great memories by getting in the kitchen. You can even make cooking together a game by seeing who can make the craziest dish. Are you guys in love with ‘Iron Chef’? Make your own special “Iron Chef: Valentine’s Edition” and record it. It will be fun to watch the videos later on. By the way, whoever makes the craziest dish gets a kiss (or more).

Okay, so you decided that you would rather give base jumping off of Mount Everest a try instead of stepping foot into the kitchen? Well, fear not because there’s one sneaky trick that can make your V-Day dinner literally a breeze.

Try take-out and dress it up!

Call in to a local restaurant and order what you think sounds good. Once you get the food, you can arrange a romantic table at home. Grab your IPOD and turn on soothing romantic music, light some candles, and pull out the wine glasses.

Bonus Tip

If you guys had your first date at a particular restaurant, recreate that special moment! And don’t just stop with the dinner, re-experience the whole night together. Was there a certain moment of the night that was absolutely unforgettable? Was your first date a total nightmare? That’s okay too because your relationship has lasted this long, so any bad first date memories are now most likely laughable and can be fun to recreate. Perfection isn’t important because you guys are together on Valentine’s Day and that’s what matters.

Don’t Be Basic

Try a themed dinner night to add a special twist. Are you always getting on his/her nerves because you literally know all the songs to ‘Grease’ (and you sing them obnoxiously loud)? Have a 50’s drive-in Valentine’s Dinner night at home. Order some burgers and milkshakes and enjoy a night at home. Italian night is typically always a hit as well. Try ordering some chicken parmesan and turn on the God Father trilogy. Because who doesn’t like watching old Italian gangster films?

Valentine’s Day is a special day that should be enjoyed by you and the person that you love. Never get wrapped up in believing that you have to go along with the standard Valentine’s Day cookie-cutter traditions. Never be afraid to be bold and different. The world is your oyster, so feel free to make your own Valentine’s Day traditions that are even better than what most people do. Good luck!

Photo by: ilovebutter

Laura Jazmin Tolliver
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