10 Unconventional Things Women Love About Men

unconventional things women love about men

Men drive women crazy and we love it. It’s certain little quirks about them that really capture our affection. When it comes to our men, most women are typically on the same page as to what we look for in a guy. If you ask a woman what she looks for in a man, it wouldn’t surprise you to hear that her ideal guy is tall, dark, and handsome or that she loves a guy with a great smile, who can get along with her girlfriends, and make her laugh. But the truth is that there is so much more than just good looks or great social skills. It’s the little quirks about him that really seal the deal.

So, without further ado, I present to you ten unconventional things women love about men:

1. Chest Hair.

This is not to be mistaken with full-on body hair. Most of us aren’t looking to score cuddle time with a caveman, but there is something about the way little wisps of hair peek out of his shirt when he has a few buttons undone. It’s hyper-masculine with a hint of sexy that makes us want to see more of what’s hiding underneath that shirt.

2. Hands.

It such a turn-on when a man has strong hands that look like they were made to hold you. We also like the way your veins stand out. Plus, they come in handy when we can’t open the pickle jar.

3. When a guy rolls up his sleeves.

It’s like soft-core arm porn. The way your forearms stick out is like a preview of the gun show. It leaves a little something for our imagination without revealing too much, or taking off any item of clothing.

4. Feet.

Some women love men’s feet. I, however, am not one of them. There is nothing more unattractive than a guy sporting crusty heels and long toe nails (cringe). Toe nail management is key. But a guy with well-manicured feet is a definite bonus!

5. When he’s socially awkward.

It’s cute when a guy is into you but stumbles over his words. There’s something in the way he’s nervous around you that shows he’s really into you and it’s adorable. Don’t sweat it if you get sauce on your shirt on out first date. We love the way your cheeks flush when you’re embarrassed.

6. A guy who can sing well.

Oh. My. God. It is so sexy when a man can sing well. The power of a good voice can make a woman do wild things, especially if it’s a part of an intimate date night.

7. Chubb.

Six packs are nice to look at, but let’s get real here: they make us feel like we have to work so hard to maintain a flat tummy. And, to be honest, we love chocolate and take-out. Plus, a six pack is way too hard. We like a little cushion to rest our heads on.

8. Bromances.

It fills our hearts to see a guy who has a really close best friend. They’re not just your standard bros. They have the kind of relationship that stretches back to their diaper days. They have inside stories and nicknames that will lead to hilarious stories and photos of your guy back when he thought it was cool to get frosted tips in his hair.

9. Silly flirting.

We secretly love the way you poke fun at us. It’s fun and flirty. We might act like we don’t want you to point out the way we crinkle our noses when we laugh, but we’re actually really flattered that you noticed.

10. Occasional outbursts.

No, we don’t mean we like it when you have road rage. But it’s cute when you get worked up over something you’re really passionate about! We secretly love how enthusiastic you get over a football game, and we’re actually admiring you from afar. It’s lovely how dedicated you are so much that you’re completely willing to yell at you television screen, even with us watching.

What’s something unconventional you like about your guy? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo by mr-h, flickr

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