True Styles of a Nerdy Girl

The word ‘nerd’ carries a usual negative connotation with it. If you’re commonly called one it’s usually meant as an insult. You’re either too smart, too gangly, or you’re wearing thick framed glasses that have become permanently attached to your face. Seriously, without them, you look like an alien. At least that’s what people claim.

And you know what? That’s fine.

Because glasses are cool. So are books and video games. Interests and style have no guidelines- or at least they shouldn’t. If someone calls you a nerd, take pride! Strut your stuff down those library aisles (or whatever aisles you find your obsessions in) and smile! Ladies that appreciate the unconventional have their sexy side too!

Unfortunately, society tries to appreciate us nerds in their own way, albeit a little comically. Here are just a few that we hear comments about from time to time concerning:

Our General Style

“I can totally see you as a librarian! The glasses convinced me.”

Although there is no specific style for the nerdy girl, most people try to limit us to one look.

The Nerdy Librarian

The Nerdy Librarian

While this is certainly a look that some people strive for, it isn’t the go-to for all of us. We do give some thought to our appearance when we’re out and about. It may not always be the standard, but it’s us and it’s sexy!

Our Hobby Style

“So do you like…dress up all weird to work or school? Even if it’s past Halloween?”

Ah. Cosplay. Right along with textbooks, computers, and games— these are generally the four things that are associated with us. I won’t lie though! I love all of those, except for the textbooks. But, no. I don’t throw a cape over my shoulders and pretend to be a magical girl each and every day (that’s reserved for anime conventions).

So while most may chalk us up to looking like this:

Hell yeah.

Chances are that they may be right, but we very well could look like this too:

This is normal enough for us.

Pretty casual. And look at that… glasses.

Our School Style

“School must be super easy for you. I can tell by your glasses.”

Again with the glasses? As we all know, nerds automatically get a pass when school worms its way into a conversation. Whether it turns out to be high school or college, the misconception assumes that the geeky crowd, aside from getting their lunch money stolen, all did relatively well in their classes. In fact, some are even under the impression that we get excited at the very mention of school.

Wait. Wut?

Wait. Wut?

Absolutely not! We may have interesting likes and dislikes, but being nerdy doesn’t necessarily mean we’re filled with glee at the idea of essays and exams, nor does it guarantee that we’re geniuses if we happen to wear glasses and pleated skirts. Chances are, we’re just as overwhelmed as the rest of the crowd. We just express this frustration by studying for endless hours alone, curled up in our bedrooms wearing baby bunny pajamas.

So for all the poor folks that have glamorized the ‘nerdy schoolgirl’ look for Halloween, I have some bad news…




Comfort is everything.

Comfort is everything. Absolutely everything.

Our Career Style

“So you’re going to be a teacher, right? You look the part.”

Let me guess. Is it the glasses?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to help future generations with education, but I sincerely doubt that’s what all of us are seeking to do with our life based on our appearance. Being a nerd doesn’t lock us strictly into the academic field. There are other things we can do too (such as writing strange articles every week from home for the entertainment of others) In fact, our career style may end up looking a lot like our school one. Comfort is everything while working.

Our Healthy Style

“Do you guys use Wii Fit or Dance Dance Revolution to exercise? Do you dress up for it?”

Ouch. Is it a problem if we do? Whatever works is good enough for me! But still, I’d like to think we can comprehend the basic concept of a gym. I also like to think that we have enough common sense not to cosplay while lifting and sweating against our will. Besides, if you don’t see us there, we might just have our glasses off. Remember? People claim we aren’t recognizable without them.

... But maybe glasses really ARE stuck on our faces.

But then again, glasses are supposed to be permanently attached to our face, right?

Our Relationship Style

“Aww…geek love. They look so cute with their glasses.”

D'aww...those glasses.

D’aww…those glasses.

…I know. Isn’t it adorable? You got that one right, world.

With so many stereotypical things tossed around from day to day, it’s a wonder we all haven’t just given up and adopted the lifestyle and look that these nice people have painted for us. We even get super cool titles and adjectives on our behalf… Book Worm. Dork. Adorkable. The list goes on!

But being a nerdy girl isn’t a bad thing. It’s not something you need to feel ashamed of. Feel proud! Chances are, the people around us will never fully pull away from their stereotypical portraits, but let’s at least take solace in the fact that they acknowledge us as intelligent. And intelligence has the power to change the world. And if that doesn’t sway you, at least know that they appreciate your glasses (if you wear any).


Featured Image: Anna MCreative Commons




Andrea Carter
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  • annie

    glasses in the gym are an awful look honey