What the Women of Sex and the City Taught Me

It is a classic tagline; four single women, living in New York City, looking for love. Each one goes through relationship after relationship hoping to find “the one” or just “the next great one.”

What most people who are on the outside looking in might not realize about the show “Sex and the City” is that it is abut more than just sex. Of course, sex makes it way in the story, Carrie Bradshaw is a sex columnist after all, but some of the greatest life advice I have received has come from the women of “Sex and the City.”

Each woman on “Sex and the City” has taught me something new about myself, but also about how we should view life and everything that is happening around us. Each character has their own unique set of quirks that sets them apart but also makes them highly relatable.


When I say I aspire to be like Carrie Bradshaw, I truly mean that I aspire to be like Carrie Bradshaw. Not only did watching the show help me focus on wanting to pursue a career in journalism, but she also taught how important it is to have a voice and a focus when it comes to writing, especially if you’re writing a column.

The biggest lesson I have learned from Carrie is that you shouldn’t be afraid to put yourself out there, whether it is in your love life or your work life. If Carrie wasn’t open about love and the idea of it, she wouldn’t have a subject to write a column on. And in turn, if she wasn’t so open to the idea of talking about her sex life, she wouldn’t have a successful column.

Oh, and let’s not forget about a woman’s love of shoes. My life goal is to one day have a shoe closet that can rival that of Carrie’s; filled to the tee with Manolo Blahnik’s and Louboutin’s.


If there is one personality trait that I wish I had, it is to be as outspoken and daring as Samantha Jones. Not only is she a successful public relations professional with her own business, she also does not give two shits about what people think about her. Not just in her work life, but also in her sex life.

How could we forget the infamous line from the episode “Cover Girl” in Season Five where Samantha boldly states to Carrie that “[she] will not be judged by…society. [She] will wear whatever, and blow whomever she pleases, as long as [she] can breath and kneel.”

Part of the reason why I am so drawn to Samantha is the fact that she is not afraid to be different from anyone else. Samantha isn’t afraid to say that she doesn’t believe in marriage and doesn’t want kids. The most important lesson we can take away from her is to love ourselves first. I mean, she left two great loves in her life, hotel mogul Richard Wright and megastar Smith Jerrod, with the best reason ever; “I love you, but I love me more.”


The work-a-holic lawyer turned mother and Brooklyn resident Miranda Hobbes. Miranda is the sassy, opinionated bad ass woman who is also a sensitive and loving mother.

Miranda has taught me not to be afraid to voice my opinion, even if it may be unpopular, and to never let someone downplay my success. Miranda said “I want to enjoy my success, not apologize for it.” She even proved that a woman can be the breadwinner in a relationship. While on her first go around with the bartender Steve Brady, Miranda’s success was the issue that ultimately led to their break-up, but everything worked out between the two in the end.


New York’s very own Park Avenue Princess, Charlotte York Goldenblatt. Charlotte is the classic beauty, raised to be a proper lady and keep everything perfect and pristine. But what is so lovable about Charlotte is that she believes in the fairytale endings.

While she may not have received her fairytale right away, may I remind you of the fallout of Mr. and Mrs. Trey MacDougal from the episode “All That Glitters” in Season Four, Charlotte found love in the most unexpected place, with her Jewish divorce lawyer!

The most significant quality to take away from Charlotte is to never give up on what you want. Charlotte eventually found her love, and what she wanted most of all, to be a mother, even though she was “reproductively challenged.”

It’s important to look at the big picture, especially in shows such as “Sex and the City.” Never judge a show by it’s title. If you do, you might miss out on incredible learning opportunities.

In classic Carrie Bradshaw fashion, I shall end with a question; what did women do to deserve such inspiring role models like the women on “Sex and the City?”

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Kayce Contatore
Hey y'all! My name is Kayce and I'm a journalism major at Cal State University, Long Beach. If it involves food and shopping, I'm definitely in. Oh, and I aspire to be Carrie Bradshaw.