7 Tips to Refresh Your Living Space

It’s time to bite the bullet and update your style. It’s hard, trust us we know, but summer is the perfect time to give your place a much needed update. Whether it’s a pop of color, or brand new furniture, you can do anything to keep your home feeling welcoming, but also representative of your own personal style.

In our always on-the-go society, it seems no one has the time to make their home design dreams a reality. However, there are still ways that you can give your home a much needed refresher up for summer without having to go through major renovations, or waste time with a huge project. Obviously not all Pinterest worthy apartments were built in a day, some of them can take months. Unless of course you’re Lauren Conrad.

There are some simple ways to add more excitement to your apartment décor with minimal effort – like a cool accent wall to add some pizazz to your living room instead of painting your entire place. Especially for those of you who may not be able to paint an entire home without the hassle. We also have other trends to quickly and easily update your space and refresh the interior of your kingdom.

John Gidding shares some of the latest new technology and home interior design trends to help with common challenges, like deck makeover, sprucing up your front entrance, refreshing your trim, turning any surface into a dry erase surface, and creating a faux stair runner.
There is color matching app that will help you pick a paint color like a pro and allow you to incorporate that great idea you saw on Pinterest into your own home’s décor.

Gidding is a versatile designer with experience in residential, commercial and landscape architecture. He’s appeared on TV as the designer and host for the HGTV Show, Curb Appeal: The Block. So let’s just say he knows a thing or two about making sure your place pops this summer!

On how to create an accent wall…

“I found that one of the easiest ways that people can finish a painting project in their house is by creating an accent wall. We’ve all heard about them, we’ve read about them. They’re easy enough to do. The energy and vibrancy in it, just pick a wall that’s very visible. It shouldn’t be a pain staking project. It should be a fun project that you can get done in half a day, and then appreciate the fruits of your labor.”

On being the house with the cool front door…

“One of my absolute favorite projects is the front door project. I find that front doors are a fantastic way of approaching a painting project in your home, because it takes a minimal amount of sweat equity, and you get a maximum amount of impact.”

On products to help make your life easier…

“Sherwin Williams has come out with SnapDry. It’s a paint that literally dries in one hour. Talk about taking the intimidation out of painting. You can use snap dry on your doors, on your trim, and in an hour it will be completely dry. Now those of you that want even bigger projects, you can see how much of an impact color can have. You don’t even have to paint the entire house; you can just do the trim. You really see the impact a front door full of color will have. It will make people feel so much more welcome.”

On creating a fun ceiling color…

“One of the trends this year is ceiling paint. It used to be just white, which is classic. One of the easiest ways to do it is to take the color on the walls and take two or three shades ligther than that and put that on the ceiling. That way there is no guess work involved and you have something that looks very on trend.”

On ways to avoid mistakes…

“The best way to save time and money is to talk to the professionals. Go to your local Sherwin Williams store and talk to the people working there, and that way you’ll get advice about the project you are going to undertake, and even the types of tools that work best.”

Trends that are in style…

“One thing I really like this year is the mixing and matching. Warm metals, cool metals. Even the sheens of paint can be mixed and matched. For the people who are having trouble visualizing this, there is an app that I can’t recommend enough. It’s called color snap, and it allows you to pick the colors you want to see juxtaposed upon one another.”

On ways to find more information…

“If you’re new to this kind of color selection, don’t try reinventing the wheel. Got to swpaintingweek.com and you can find inspirational ideas and more projects being undertaken.”

Featured Image: Markus Spiering

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