Why Quirky Alpha Girls Should Run in Packs

Alpha Girl

Quirky Alpha, You Say?

You might be asking yourself: Now what makes a quirky alpha girl a quirky alpha girl. The answer lies in a few key things.

A. Confidence

As an extroverted introvert, sometimes I think I can’t fit into this category. But the truth is, it doesn’t matter how introverted you are, confidence lies within—and who knows more about their inner selves than introverts? It doesn’t matter if you can’t command an entire room, confidence in one small subject area, amongst your closest friends, means you have this trait.

B. Passion

Along with being confident, every quirky alpha female I know is passionate about something in particular and willing to put forth the effort to make things happen for her. I have graphic design friends, who constantly update portfolios, theater friends who travel across the country for work, and writer friends who spend countless hours promoting and honing their craft.

C. Quirks

But confidence and passion really belong to the “alpha” side of the equation, we still haven’t discussed quirkiness. Quirkiness, to me, is walking to the beat of a different drum than the general population— confidence is holding that drum with pride. If you’re quirky and you know it, you probably didn’t clap your hands to that song, or you clapped a little late because you were off in day-dream mode. You also probably got looked at a little strangely because of the outfit you chose to wear, the manner in which you speak, what you like to do on a Friday night, basically your ideals just being considered a little outlandish. And that’s alright, in fact, that’s great! It’s these differences that make the quirky alpha females better together.

D. Female

Sorry guys you just can’t fulfill this requirement. 😉

Better Together

Like I said before, it’s our quirkiness that makes us stronger overall, and ultimately we are versions of ourselves when we get together. Being a quirky passionate girl can be a little isolating on an individual level—I’m often in my room surrounded my books, pens, cat mugs, and journals with no human in sight because I write best with no one around (thanks dad for looking over my shoulder all those years). However, when I surround myself with people equally as passionate, confident, and quirky, it’s usually a beautiful experience. We share stories which spark new ideas for new original projects. We discuss articles and opinions about the things we are most passionate, which give us diverse opinions and even more originality moving forward in our fields. And yes even the introverts in the group get a word in.

Sounds like a paradise, right?

The Problem

There’s a major issue with all of this. Quirky alpha females are terribly hard to track down and keep in one place for very long. Think about it: the quirky alpha is all about passions, projects, and bettering herself, but she has to make a living too. So between working on her blog, YouTube channel, resume, painting, novel, social media accounts, text relationships, book club, campaign, etc. , she’s also working full-time and attempting to maintain contact with family, pets, and significant others, all the while coming up with the next amazing idea that’s going to move her further along in her passion.
So it certainly seems that she has no time—she might even say: man I’d love to hang out and go over some ideas with you, but I simply don’t have the time. But there’s a solution, I promise.

The Solution

Pencil her in.

This sounds silly, right? I mean who schedules friend hang outs three weeks in advance, marks them on Google Calendar, and makes sure that the person who is supposed to come remembers that you’ve booked that time with them? A quirky alpha girl does, that’s who.

And trust me, it works. One of my quirky friends and I a. were extremely excited to maintain our first blog together, but were both b. eternally busy and therefore put it off and put it off and put it off (sound familiar?), until c. I said hey let’s get coffee on a date that works for you and discuss blog ideas, and d. actually followed through, put in on my calendar, then sent reminders to all involved. We got coffee last week; and not only did the creativity abound, I also got killer friend time, and because we had scheduled a block of time, no one felt rushed. We are already penciling each other in for next month.

So tell me are you a quirky alpha girl? Do you think there’s more or less to it than what I’ve mentioned? And what helps you round up your passionate yet busy friends?

Jennifer Gilmore
INF-something who asks "too many questions" while dreaming of having a boyfriend who is equally fond of cats.