I’m a Firm Believer in Freedom of PDA

Public displays of affection

Get ready for too much information.

Yes, I strongly support public displays of affection for ALL couples. No, I don’t think it’s gross.

“Get a room,” they say.

Well, your immaturity when it comes to human sexuality does not impact my ability to exercise my freedom.

This is Earth. This is where I was born. This is my home. This is my room. I am entitled to live and breathe and love on this land as much as anyone.

If I want to kiss my significant other or hug him or hold his hand outside, I will do so as I please.

Notice how I used the word “outside” instead of “in public.” Because expressing my love out in the environment I inhabit as a human is not intruding on your public endeavors. It is simply experiencing life with my partner out in the open as nature intended.

The walls we build as a society are simply meant for shelter. They are not meant to suppress our humanity.

Anyway, public places are just that. Public. Open. Unrestricted. Free.

In a world in which love is a common experience, it is strange and, frankly, hypocritical that so many people are disgusted by each other’s public displays of this same love.

If, as an adult, you still cannot accept the existence of affection within human relationships, you are just as bad as the grade school kid who giggles when he hears a “bad” word.

People love each other. People touch each other. And get ready for this one. People even have sex! These are natural. These are well-known. These are mutual experiences among the PUBLIC.

If you are someone who is uncomfortable with PDA, that’s okay. You don’t have to show affection in public if you don’t want to and your partner certainly should not pressure you to. However, other people are very comfortable with PDA and should not be shamed for this difference of personal preference.

There is absolutely nothing gross about love or sex or physical displays of affection. The idea that sexuality is sinful is an outdated, conservative belief that has its roots in self-hate. Why are we so ashamed of our human nature? Why not embrace ourselves and each other?

It is common knowledge that intimacy within a relationship is extremely important. Being able to show affection for one another openly is a sign that you are comfortable with your partner. An article by Bustle explains the benefits PDA can have on a relationship such as the effects of intimacy on physical health, mutual satisfaction, and sex drive.

An experiment referenced by CNN found that holding hands with your partner actually reduces anxiety by reducing  “stress-related activity in a brain area called the hypothalamus” and “in the part of the brain that registers pain, which actually helps keep you from feeling it as much.”

According to a health article by U.S. News , hugging and cuddling reduce stress and may have health benefits for the immune system and pain tolerance.

So if physical affection is so important, why are people so grossed out by it?

Now, let’s take it a step further. Public displays of affection include hugging, cuddling, kissing, and holding hands but there are certainly many more expressions of affection such as making out, groping, and full-on public sex. But where do we draw the line? Do we need to draw a line?

Well, I have an opinion that many would disagree with but here it is. No, there should not be a line but yes, there should be some restrictions.

A Reddit user started this discussion in which they shared their reasoning for why public sex should be legal. Within their post, they articulately refute several typical counter-arguments. One is the argument that “people don’t want to see it.” To this, the Reddit user basically points out the irrelevance of what people want or don’t want to see by providing an example of an “an ‘unattractive’ person” who “is not legally disallowed from a beach, even though some might not want to see that person.” They also point out that “Public spaces are generally viewed as areas where freedom should abound.”

In response to the question of morality, they state that “separation of church and state should apply to public recreation areas.” And, addressing the impact of sexual awareness on a child, they argue that sex is a natural part of life that everyone should be aware of and educated about.

Public sex is definitely a radical notion but I believe it is something to, at least, consider.

Personally, the idea of having sex in an enclosed room for the rest of my life sounds boring and depressing. These advice articles keeps telling me to spice it up. Well, why not spice it up outside? Not to mention, I’m claustrophobic so I feel much more comfortable and relaxed outside. There you go, outside sex is better for my health.

As humans, we are animals whether we like to accept it or not. With our humanity comes sexuality, love, and physical affection. With our humanity comes a connection and attraction to nature as it is our inherent home. So whether or not you are grossed out by a couple making out at the park, that couple is simply human. And don’t forget to be grateful for the little modesty that people do have because some of us are advocating for public sex and just imagine what that world would be like.

Photo by Cristina Souza.

Shauni Cardenas
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