How To Plan A Rockstar Vacation On A Budget

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Planning vacations are always so fun! From deciding where to go to how many outfits you will need to wear, there is always so much excitement involved in finding the perfect trip to go on. The anticipation and research can be thrilling, especially during the summer with deals both here in the U.S. and abroad. Sadly, money is always a factor, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

There are countless insider tips and tricks you should arm themselves with to guarantee a smooth vacation experience, and most importantly, help you become a baller on a budget. Travel Expert Sarah Gavin discussed the latest intel from Expedia on summer booking trends and tips.

A little bit about Gavin, she has served as Expedia Inc.’s Vice President of Global Communications since February 2016, and has been with the company since 2011. Gavin currently runs internal, corporate and consumer communications for Expedia globally. Gavin holds responsibility for all public relations practices across more than 70 countries worldwide and its portfolio of online travel brands where Expedia operates.

If you are stressed about where to go, Gavin offers the best advice of what to expect when you’re expecting… to travel the globe, that is. Or if your worry about how to get there, she can lend a few words of wisdom for what your best bet is for travel destinations this season. Especially when it comes to luxurious hotel stays and all the fun activities that come along with that. Think outside of the box this year, and try something a little more tropical than a trip to Aspen. There is no problem she hasn’t experienced and can provide her expertise on. Here is what she had to say about travel planning:

Quirky Daily: What are ways to package your trip so you save more money?

Sarah Gavin: Booking your flight and hotel at the exact same time. Packaging your flight and hotel can save you $600 out of destinations. For some key destinations you can save much, much more. To London right now you can save up to $1800 off of your trip. In domestic destinations like Las Vegas and New York, you can save 20 to 25 percent off your trip. Those are huge savings you can invest back into your vacation, so you can have some other great experiences.

Quirky Daily: What are travel hacks to take into consideration to help demystify the travel-planning process?

Sarah Gavin: There are so many review sites, but you really never know. You can’t trust so many review sites. At Expedia, so many reviews are verified. You have to actually complete your stay at the hotel, before you can submit a review for the site… Knowing that these hotels are actually places people have stayed at makes a huge difference.

Quirky Daily: Can you give us some overall tips to remember when traveling?

Sarah Gavin: If you’re traveling domestically, you should try to book your flight about 57 days out. So around two months. If you’re traveling internationally, try to book your flight 4 to 6 months out, you’ll save a ton of money. I would also say, if you’re traveling last minute, definitely use your mobile phone. You can save up to 40 percent using a mobile app, like the Expedia mobile app… Getting away this fall is a great time to save money.

Quirky Daily:
Where can readers go to get more information and tips?

Sarah Gavin: Check out, the Expedia viewfinder blog, or the Expedia mobile app.

It is never easy to go outside of your comfort zone and try a new experience, especially if you’re not sure about the costs that are going to be accrued by your wild adventures. After all, wanderlust doesn’t come cheap! No matter how many things you pin on your Pinterest board. One of the most important things is to prepare, because you never know what you will find if you plan ahead and save enough time. We know that spontaneous adventures sound more fun, but planned adventures will be worth it in the long run. It’s not as tough as it seems, and is totally doable if you put your mind to it! If you follow these tips you can basically ensure that you are going to be saving the most money possible on your trip.

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