You Have Permission To Be Happy

Firstly, I’m writing this for myself as much as I am for you, dear reader.

This is your permission to be happy. That thing that’s been weighing you down—whether it’s a best friend breakup (as it is in my case), a bad beginning to a new chapter in your life, or that coffee stain on your brand new shirt—doesn’t control the thermostat to your happiness. You don’t necessarily need me to give you this permission, though. You give yourself that access. And you should.

This is your permission to cut the pretty pink ribbon of nostalgia that you have tied around old memories that are keeping you chained to the past, no matter if this thing is a person, a place, or a decision you made. That prettiness is only sheen on something that you should’ve sliced in half a long time ago.

This is your permission to move on. You don’t have to stay trapped in the black and white world devoid of sparkles and color. You deserve to enjoy your life without any excuses. Block that person from your real and online life if you must. Change the locks on your literal and figurative spaces so the poison can’t seep in any longer. Don’t give negative things more attention than they deserve. In case you haven’t received the hint yet, the level of negativity you experience should be on a low setting.

This is your sign that you can feel and release that accumulation of feelings that have been broiling beneath the surface of your psyche. It’s much better (and healthier) to let these emotions out rather than bottling them up, as long as it isn’t going to harm yourself or others.

You are allowed to talk about your feelings, and do so without judgement. Your emotions are valid, and should be heard and acknowledged. You are allowed to seek a confidante in a close person or friend that you trust, or even perhaps in a therapist or other professional. There is nothing wrong with being overwhelmed and needing help to sort through the tumultuous sea of emotions and thoughts that come along with being a person on this globe.

Permission has been granted for you to do all of these things without guilt, shame, or haranguing yourself. Doing these things may help you become exactly who you’re supposed to be without all of that extra bullshit that’s been hanging like a backpack stuffed with anthologies on your shoulders.

You do not have to entertain anything that isn’t contributing to your overall bliss. If an aspect of your life is creating misery, hatred, or bitterness, do not allow it any more space in your life than it has already commandeered.

Your life has so many nooks and crannies for a reason—growth and love. If one thing isn’t serving you, choose a different pathway; pick one made of cobblestones instead of dirt.

This entire piece is telling you what you’ve already recognized. You are entitled to all of the happiness this messed up, magical world has to offer you. Go get it.

Featured image: Brock Roseberry, Flickr

Keara Hozella
Overly-caffeinated post-grad fixated on cats (especially my girl, Sophie), literature, sparkly jewelry, anything with a purple hue, and the Oxford comma. Currently living in the middle of nowhere and looking to expand beyond "what is dreamt of in [my own] philosophy."