9 Struggles Every Person With an Overactive Mind Has Faced

overactive brain

For some of us, our minds are a menagerie of thoughts all fighting for our immediate attention. Here are 9 daily struggles you face when your mind is constantly racing:

1. There is never an early enough time for you to wake up in the morning.

For the average person, getting ready in the morning is a straightforward daily routine: shower, eat, brush your teeth, get dressed and you’re out the door. For those of us whose minds are permanently set to operate like it enjoyed a heaping bowl of sugar and washed it down with espresso for breakfast, this simple daily routine quickly turns into a marathon of “how many things can I think of and try to accomplish before I’m late?”

Most people can simply shower and that’s it. But when you have an overactive mind, showering quickly becomes a huge task. All it takes to throw you off task is to notice the remnants of conditioner caked around the top of the bottle. One minute you’re rinsing off a bottle, the next you find yourself wondering what else is lurking in your bathtub. Soon you’re scrubbing your tub, which turns into cleaning your entire bathroom. By the time you’ve realized you’re cleaning your bathroom naked and you still have conditioner in your hair, you only have fifteen minutes to be out the door. Frantically, you become super woman and manage to finish showering, dry your hair, put your makeup on, and get dressed and make it out the door on time. It might be by the skin of your teeth but hey, you made it. Kudos to you!

2. You’re horrible at telling stories.

“Hey so I was in line for coffee and this lady in front of me was on her cell phone, but she had thee cutest pair of heels on, which reminds me you won’t believe the morning I had. Can you believe I forgot to rinse my conditioner out? I wish my hair looked like Kate Middleton’s. Ugh. I’m starving! I don’t know what to make for dinner tonight. I’m sorry. What were we talking about? Oh, right! This lady on her phone was holding up the entire line…”
By the time you get to the point, everyone involved in the conversation has completely checked out.

3. Inspiration comes at the last possible second.

What’s that? You have to turn in an assignment for your literature class, and it’s due in three hours? Don’t plan on writing that for at least another hour. There is no hope of staying focused unless you are feeling an insane amount of pressure and that incidentally happens to be when you have your best ideas. Some might call this procrastination. I like to think of it as part of the creative process. Nothing says inspiration like sheer panic!

4. Daydreaming.

I can’t help it if my mind thinks of something really funny at the most inopportune moment. I didn’t mean to laugh while you were telling me about your breakup. But if you would let me explain you’d totally understand! Which brings me to my next point.

5. People never think you’re paying attention.

I can understand that it might not look like I’m hearing what you are saying, but trust me, I hear everything. I just planned out my entire week, color-coded my wardrobe, and made a grocery list while you spoke. Oh, and that girl over there got food poisoning from the place you wanted to go to dinner tonight. Yeah. I heard her convo too. You might not be the only thing I’m paying attention to, but I’m still paying attention.

6. You get bored easily.

This comes from the need for your mind to be constantly stimulated and let’s face it, sometimes those Thursday night staff meetings aren’t the most “stimulating” things to sit through. The good news is that you’re an awesome daydreamer! You can just create something entertaining on a whim, even if it is only in your mind!

7. You overthink everything.

You can find a shirt that you fall absolutely in love with, but to your horror it comes in a variety of colors. A task as simple as picking out what color top you like better is a struggle. You have to think of every scenario. When you would wear it? What you have to go with it? Will your favorite scarf match it? What one will be best with your skin tone? Suddenly the decision becomes too overwhelming so you leave the store shirtless. Sometimes not deciding is easier.

8. You’re an excellent observer.

You can point out even the most minute of details. People watching is your favorite pastime.

9. Falling asleep becomes a near-impossible task.

It must be glorious to have your head hit your pillow and be asleep within the next five minutes. Those of us who have overactive minds know the struggle is real when bedtime comes around. Your mind is just a plethora of plans, ideas, and lists that are all floating around up there making you restless. Once it’s past midnight, you transform into a philosophical genius. The next thing you know you have to wake up in 3 hours. Panic mode ensues and you suddenly make yet another transformation from philosophical genius to a math goddess, “Okay. If I fall asleep now, I can have at least 2 hours and 37 minutes of sleep.” Any other time, 67 minus 23 is a challenge. On the bright side, you often come up with your best ideas at night!

While having an overactive mind can sometimes be exhausting, it’s actually pretty great, too. You’re constantly thinking of creative new ideas, and you don’t simply accept things at face value, so its pretty tough for someone to pull the wool over your eyes. Plus, you’re an excellent multi-tasker! What your mind can accomplish in a day is pretty incredible, so give yourself a pat on the back my fellow overactive minded people! You deserve it!

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  • Elle

    While I may not have quite such an over active mind, I can however relate to a few points. I definitely appreciate the look inside. I know all too well just from being close to such great minds what a struggle it can be! This is a well written clever article!!!

  • amanda

    Wow do u know me or something?? U must have written this about me… The weirdest part of it all is that I was on the phone (listening while doing literally 3 other things), and accidentally hit the OK Google, which I never use BC I don’t care 4 it. It heard part of my sentence, and out of curiosity/boredom, I read what it pulled up. This was the first & only link I read. Irony huh?? Thanks for helping me make sense of myself!! Appreciated so much more than u realize!! 📝⌛🌟👊