National Parks May Be the Key to Your Best Summer Yet

You may have thought that your perfect summer vacation would be full of kicking back next to the pool or maybe even working on your summer bod, well it could look like spending a summer at a national park might very well be the way to go. Okay, okay, so it might not sound like your typical summer vacation, but it is going to be the hot spot of summer 2016, trust us!

To commemorate the monumental year, Expedia commissioned a study of American attitudes toward the national parks. Yes, that’s right. They wanted to see how most people view them, and the results were pretty shocking to say the least. The kind of shocking that may make you pack up everything and head to a national park this summer. That may be a little dramatic, but you get the idea.

The survey was called The Expedia® National Parks Index, and it features responses from Americans across a range of topics, including recent visits to national parks, which amenities they preferred, features they preferred, and which American president they would choose to add to Mount Rushmore if they had the chance! Yup, that’s a real thing.

Travel expert, and all around fierce female, Sarah Galvin, revealed some of the best portions of that survey. Along with reasons that it may be time to head to the national parks near you this summer.

“It’s the 100 anniversary of the national park system, which means it is a great time to get out there and celebrate the countries majestic beauty. People think about the national parks as this thing that will always be there, and it will. With four thousand national parks across the country, there is a national parks road trip in your backyard just waiting for you,” Gavin dished to Quirky Daily exclusively.

The top national parks and those rated most beautiful, most likely to take a selfie in front of and the best ways for travelers to save money visiting the parks this year are just a few of the topics that she enlightened us on. It’s incredible that people would rank their vacations around most likely to take a selfie in front of, but nonetheless that is the society we now live in. I don’t blame them, because I want to know myself!

Turns out that when it comes to celebrities and famous American icons people would like to add to the list, there were a few familiar faces. Obviously Beyoncé made the list, but so did Mickey Mouse. Makes total sense to me! I’m sure there were many others that would be fantastic as well, but let’s be real because no one beats Beyonce – no one.

When it comes to national parks, Gavin doesn’t just talk the talk, she also walks the walk. “Here I am in Glacier National Park in Montana, and it’s just stunningly beautiful. Some of the other parks that ranked very high on the list were yellow stone, the Grand Canyon, the great stony mountain, and Yosemite were all some of the parks that ranked very well in the nation,” Gavin explained. Obviously there are some common parks that everyone knows about, but there may be even more local ones in your area that are worth checking out.

If it’s the cost that is keeping you from going, you shouldn’t let it. Vacationing at a national park can be fairly affordable if you let it! “The best thing – no matter where you are going – is book your flight and your hotel at the same time. When you do that, you can save on average about $570. That bundling concept applies when you’re talking about travel. Anywhere you want to travel is a great place to go this summer. Europe is on sale. The US dollar tends to be stronger than the euro, so in places like London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, you can save about 10 percent on your trip. When you get there, your dollar goes much, much further. It’s a fantastic place to go this summer,” Gavin dished.

Gavin is head of PR and communications at Expedia, and she is also a travel connoisseur of sorts. She is also the voice behind Expedia Viewfinder blog, which if you haven’t checked it out, you are totally missing out on some fun travel action.

Feature Image: Moyan Brenn

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