Four Pet Peeves of a Nail Art Addict

Nail Art

Everyone has an obsession with a certain aspect of their appearance. For the lucky ones, this aspect happens to be one that is easily changed and taken care of: nails. There is an overabundance of designs, jewels, colors, and technologies available to these nail addicts, especially due to social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram. You can create an entire Pinterest board dedicated solely to nails and what to put on them, as well as hashtag every splendid idea that pops into your nail-addled brain. While this obsession can be entertaining, it can also be time consuming and bring a host of pet peeves, which are outlined below.

Pet Peeve #1: There can be too many options.

Really, with the popularity of #nailsofinstagram and Pinterest boards, there are too many pictures for one girl to browse. How can you be forced to choose between classic chevrons or French tips when others are doodling characters from their favorite T.V. shows on their claws? A new photo is uploaded just when you think you’ve finally narrowed down your design of the day to three options. The horror! The possibilities are truly endless, and while this is usually a good thing, it’s not in this scenario. You have things to do and places to go (where you’ll show off the design you finally chose). The comparison you’ll make between your own amateur nail art and those of professionals, like people who were formerly art majors and tattoo artists, is painful. The step-by-step tutorials from the pros don’t help either. They make everything look so simple that your cat could do it, when in reality, yours end up looking like a Pintrosity.

Pet Peeve #2: One hand (or nail) will always look better than the rest.

This is an unfortunate fact that plagues even the most inexperienced nail art addict. One hand will look flawless, while the other tells everyone which hand is your dominant one without words. Nail art addicts definitely have an Instagram-worthy hand and protect it all costs. The other hand is downgraded to swiping extra polish off of the Holy Hand. When people ask to see your nails, the perfect one is offered first. The other hand is held further away, so as not to attract attention and look good from a distance. This problem can also be assigned to a single nail on the Holy Hand. One specific nail may look much better than the rest. This causes the typical nail art addict to redo all nine other fingernails, or to simply give up and start anew the next day.

Nail Art

Image credit: Courtney Rhodes, Creative Commons

Pet Peeve #3: Do-It-Yourself or the Salon?

Sometimes, you just feel like going to the salon to have someone else pamper your hands and nails. This can lead to confusion with your self-identity and prowess as a nail art addict. It’s one of the things you know you shouldn’t do, because it can damage your reputation, but it’s a guilty pleasure. You don’t have to let anyone in on your dirty little secret. Besides, you would never ask for a design there because you know you could do it so much better than the nail tech. So go ahead and splurge on the gel manicure. You deserve it for being so dedicated to your craft, as evidenced by your reading of this article right now.

Pet Peeve #4: Nail art – To upload or not to upload?

This is the biggest struggle next to picking out a design. Should you upload the newest coat of polish and coordinated art to Instagram, Facebook, or other social media sites of your choice? You know you just posted a picture of your nails two days ago, but that’s in the past, and this nail art looks so much better. Sometimes you wonder if you should make a nails-only account, but that’s also a little over-the-top and can only be done if you’re a true professional. You decide one more photo can’t hurt, tag #nailsofinstagram and #nailart in the caption, and wait for the likes to pour in. Even if your photo doesn’t get many favorites, you’re pleased with what you were able to accomplish on your nails…at least for today.

Being a nail art addict is difficult, but honing your craft while browsing all of the possibilities gives you a rush that can’t be replaced. Peruse responsibly, people.

Feature image: Lelê Breveglieri, Creative Commons

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