Why Are Music Festivals So Popular?

Coachella. Lollapalooza. Ultra.

Music festivals have certainly grown in popularity over the years. These events have drawn in crowds that only get bigger every year. But what makes festivals so popular?

1) The Music

Music festivals have become a great location to discover new artists. Each festival hones in on up-and-coming artists, creating a lineup that has people coming back for more. There are always a number of acts going on at once, so you are bound to find and/or discover something you like. Music festivals are opportunities to branch out of your musical comfort zone and have fun doing so.

2) The Fashion

The fashion is as much a part as the festival itself. Many celebrities attend music festivals, which provides ample opportunities to discover new styles. Festival fashion adds a lively energy to the crowds, which only increases as the festival goes on. Festivals are a chance for many to play around with new styles, which further enhances the festival experience.

3) The Social Media Opportunities

It’s almost impossible not to Instagram or post on Twitter about the festival experience. With new technologies on the rise, the 21st century has made it possible to record acts in high-definition. Videos and pictures are aplenty, which makes for great memories. Also, with hundreds of thousands of music-goers in attendance, artists gain a lot of exposure. Not only that, but your Instagram and Twitter feeds will grow with likes and retweets.

4) The Experience

There is not much that compares to outdoor music festivals. You will have to face the elements, and learn to stake out your own territory. But because many music festivals are held outdoors, it provides opportunities for you to roam around and explore on your own. Not only that, but festivals create the chance to meet new people, try new foods, and have a good time.

Certainly, music festivals are not cheap. But it definitely creates memories that are hard to replicate elsewhere.

In the effort to make your festival experience a great one, I’ve listed some tips that can help you feel your best while dancing the night away.

1) Bring a backpack.

While it may be more fashionable to carry a cross-body bag, but with all the necessities needed, it won’t be the most practical. Also, cross-body bags only make the dancing and jumping unenjoyable, which will make for a not-so-fun night. With a sturdy backpack on, you will be hands-free, and you won’t be hitting anyone (or yourself) with your bag.

2) Wear comfy shoes.

There’s a lot of walking involved at festivals. With acts going on constantly, you’re bound to want to move from stage to stage. Also, if you plan to see a potentially packed act, there might not be much sitting room. Comfortable shoes that provide some arch support will keep your feet happy, and will have you dancing all night long.

3) Wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.

Festivals are outdoors, and being outdoors means facing the elements. Whether it is raining or hot and humid, the show will go on. Even though it may appear cloudy, the sun’s rays will shine through and damage your skin. Getting sunburned is not fun, so take precautionary measures and slather on the sunscreen. Don’t forget to wear sunglasses and a hat–not only will you be protected from the sun, but your outfit will have an added element of cool.

4) Bring a lightweight jacket.

A light jacket can protect your skin from the harsh sun, and provide warmth when night falls. The temperature typically falls as night approaches, so having a jacket will prevent you getting cold, or even worse, getting sick. And because the jacket is light, it won’t take up much room in your bag, or be too heavy to carry around.

5) Bring a water bottle.

Water is the most essential of all essentials. From all the dancing and walking around, you’re bound to get thirsty. It is crucial to stay hydrated, and will definitely save you from getting heat stroke.

I hope your music festival experience is a memorable one, and that these tips and bits of knowledge prepare and excite you for your adventure. Let me know which music festival is your favorite, and any tips that you have for other festival-goers!

Featured image: Neon Tommy, Creative Commons

Isabella Tam
Born and raised in San Francisco, Isabella is currently relocated to Chicago to complete her studies. She is often consumed with thoughts of tea, wanderlust, and anything remotely blue.