Why You Should Make a YouTube Channel

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Have you ever thought about making a YouTube channel but then talked yourself out of it? Well, I’m here to convince you to go for it! I consider myself a YouTube expert because I’ve had a channel for about a week now. Totally kidding, guys! But I am loving my experience with YouTube and want you to feel the YouTube love as well.

Here are some reasons you should definitely make a YouTube channel:

You like the internet

– Let’s be real, if you’re reading this article, you probably like the internet. So why not take advantage of it? Make your mark on the interwebs!

You’re creative

– If you’re here at Quirky Daily, chances are you’re super unique and creative (and also extremely awesome!). Put that creativity to work! Don’t let the man control you, be yourself…on the internet!

You like money

– If you get super famous on YouTube, it could become a fun, full-time job! If not, you could be like me and make $.20 per month, which is still better than nothing!

You’re talented

– Do you have a cool hobby? Can you make people laugh? Everyone has a talent! Also, even if you think you don’t have a talent, someone on the internet will probably think you do!

You’re so untalented that it’s funny

– There is plenty of room on the internet for untalented people. Bad singing can get as many or more views than good singing.

You have an obsession

– Are you obsessed with something? I guarantee someone else on the internet loves the same thing you do, so why not make a video – or multiple videos – about it?

You watch YouTube videos

– Don’t think we don’t know about your obsession with funny cat videos. Don’t worry, we support you! Why not make your own cat video? You can recreate virtually any video you see on YouTube and make it your own! Please though, if you make a cat video, post it in the comments. We really do love cats.

You have opinions

– You have rights! You have free speech; use it! Stick it to the man by voicing your opinions loud and proud!

You have a camera

– Literally everyone has a camera now – on their phone! Don’t worry about quality, just have fun with the resources you have!

What you DON’T need for a YouTube video: Expensive equipment, cool editing software, a fancy camera, or anyone to help you! If you have any of those things, that’s great! But if you don’t, don’t get discouraged!

Now that you’ve decided to make a channel (because I really hope you did!), here are some types of videos you could make:

Reaction Videos: Do you love a certain TV show/movie/book/etc.? Why not make a reaction video? Simply review things that interest you. Videos like this get thousands of views – so why can’t yours?

Vlogging: Are you naturally funny? Is your life relatively interesting? Tell people about it! Real, unscripted pieces of life can be very interesting to watch!

Tags: Basically, each tag is a set of questions centered around one topic. Below you can see I did the “Get To Know You” tag. Tags are great for when you aren’t sure what you want to talk about in a video.

Sketches: Ever watch SNL? You could be the new SNL on YouTube! Whether you have a really long or really short sketch idea, just go for it!

Parodies: Think you can make “The Hunger Games” into an opera? Do it! Any book, TV show, or movie can and should be parodied!

How-To Videos: Do you know how to do something? Make a video about it!

In conclusion, don’t be afraid to take a risk! Make a channel and just be yourself. Make videos that make you happy, and they’ll probably make someone else happy too. Be sure to share your videos on social media and make your friends and family do their job as you YouTube viewers and subscribe! If this video inspired you to make a video, be sure to share it in the comments so the Quirky Daily community can support you!

In case you need some inspiration, check out my newest videos! I’m relatively new to YouTube and vlogging, so comment and give me some advice/feedback or let me know what types of videos the readers or I should create!

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Celina Tolbert
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