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Millennial moms are totally having a moment. If you’re on any form of social media, and you should be, then you probably have noticed that a good amount of friends or people you used to know, seem to be getting older and having more children. Which means, that as a millennial mom there are a lot of firsts that you will encounter. Whether you have a child, are planning to have a child, or aren’t considering it yet, it is never too early to start looking at your options. Okay, maybe a first date is too early, but hey, who knows!

The first year of a baby’s life is filled with many new experiences and an abundance of joy, and with that comes many milestones for young moms to celebrate and share. Along the way, we document all the usual “firsts”—from first foods and smiles to crawling and eventually first steps—and proudly share them online with friends and family. Let’s be real, it’s just the new culture. We can’t get enough of all the new gadgets and wisdom out there for new moms to share pics and cute videos of their babies.

Physician, mom of two, and TV personality Jennifer Arnold, M.D. talked to us a little bit about one of the most important milestones that often goes unacknowledged— vaccination — talk about all options and avenues available to moms. It’s a bit of a touchy subject, but something that every person should be aware of and educated about. Since August was National Immunization Awareness Month, Dr. Arnold kicked off VacciNation, a national campaign in which she partnered with Pfizer to recognize all that parents do to help protect their babies and celebrate future milestones!

“Vaccinations in my experience are a key component in helping children to have the most healthy lives possible. I’m a mom to two kids who we adopted from other countries where vaccinations were not a given. I know that is a critical key component to keep them healthy and well,” Dr. Arnold continued. “I want to promote overall pediatric health by spreading the world about the necessity of vaccinations. Hopefully spread the word about childhood immunizations.”

“I think it’s hard for parents to understand the effects, because we are up to 14 preventable diseases now that we can give vaccinations to infants and children less than two years of age,” Dr. Arnold says. Like any parent, Dr. Arnold’s mission is to keep her children happy, healthy, and thriving. Add that to the fact that she is a physician who specializes in treating very sick babies, and has also seen first-hand what can happen to babies who aren’t vaccinated. Children under the age of two are among those at higher risk for serious infectious disease, which is why it is essential parents know how important it is to follow the CDC-recommended immunization schedule to help build their immunity when they are more vulnerable. It’s something that you and your physician should talk about together, to ensure that you are doing the best possible things for your child.

“First and foremost, talk to pediatricians. is also a very useful website. Every parent should empower themselves. As parents, we are our child’s best advocate,” Dr. Arnold says. She hopes parents recognize their decision to vaccinate is more than just a checkmark at the doctor’s office—it’s a crucial stepping stone to help set their child up for a healthy beginning.

That’s why she is dedicated to helping other parents learn about and celebrate the important milestone of vaccination, know why timing matters when it comes to immunization, and understand why some vaccines require multiple doses, a critical aspect of building children’s immunity.”Even for new parents, it’s important to celebrate new milestones. I believe all new parents deserve to celebrate when they do things that encourage their child’s health and well-being,” she encouraged.

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