It’s Okay Not to Have a Personal Style

We all have that friend who has a certain look. They might be into preppy chic, never without a string of pearls or an adorably understated bow. Or maybe they’re more of a boho, hippy chick who lives in peasant skirts and gauze blouses. You can walk through the mall and, even without them there, can easily point out items of clothing that are just “so them.” These are the friends that we all secretly envy on occasion, because they know where to swim in the endless sea of fashion catalogs.

Maybe a few of you reading this are that person, and to you I say bravo! You are one in a mystical breed of consistently well put together people. As for the rest of us, here are a few reasons why we’re pretty cool, too.

Everything Old is New Again

One great thing about never having a defined personal style is that you’ve probably gone through a few phases. You might have a flannel shirt collecting dust in the closet between a polka dot a-line skirt and a pair of bell bottom jeans. Fortunately, just about everything in the fashion world tends to cycle out and then in again, eventually. I bet those of you who hung on to flares from the last time they were cool in the mid 2000’s were all too happy to pull them out again this past fall! And as a bonus, you’ll know which current trends to avoid because you’ve probably tried to rock it at some point already.

Oh, the Places You’ll Shop

Odds are if you usually dress in one certain style, you probably tend to shop at a small selection of stores that carry that type of clothing. After all, you’re not going to look for hipster overalls at Ann Taylor Loft, right? However, those of us with fashion identity crises can probably find something we love just about anywhere. While this certainly leads to longer shopping trips, it can be a pretty rewarding treasure hunt. Kohls? Sure! Tiny boutique around the corner? You bet! Thrift and vintage stores are a gold mine, especially for eclectic pieces that you just can’t find in mainstream retail, or those aforementioned trends from 10 years ago that have recently resurfaced. Not sure how to feel about the crochet frocks that are everywhere these days? It’s a safer risk at three dollars a top then spending ten times that at a department store. This also diversifies your shopping partners, as being adventurous with your stores means being invited along no matter where your friends might be shopping.

Trick or treat?

The years sneak by faster and faster every single year. It’s already spring and it feels like New Year’s Eve was just yesterday. As grown up responsibilities start to surface more and more, things like Halloween costumes tend to get thrown on the back burner. Need a last minute, office appropriate get up? Fear not, just look in the closet! Throw a sweater over anything with a collar and pair with a skirt, grab a stick and look straight outta Hogwarts. Grab a cardigan and maybe some suspenders to create a nerdy look. The possibilities are pretty endless when you combine a diverse armoire and a little bit of creativity. And the best part about piecing together your own ensemble means you’ll never be in the same look from the party store as ten other people in the building. Speaking of which…

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Have you ever had that recurring nightmare of showing up to work and everyone is wearing the same black peacoat as you? No, just me? Well anyway, nobody wants to show up wearing the same thing as a everybody else. Unless you’re attending a sporting event or a gathering of sorority sisters, matching outfits just aren’t that cool over the age nine. Fortunately, a random assortment of garments pretty much guarantees you’ll never being wearing the same thing as anybody else around you. In a world full of rules and conformity coming from every direction, your unique wardrobe is a great way to stand out. Never underestimate what a burst of individuality will do for your self esteem.

Featured Image: Amy on Flickr

Chelsea Matthews
I'm a wife, a recent English Lit grad, and an enthusiast of all things Disney. When I'm not reading, I can frequently be found at pro wrestling events. Aspiring to one day write the Great American Novel, but until then just following wherever my dreams take me.