Finding Happiness At Work May Be Easier Than You Think

We’ve all heard it said before, right? Find a job that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Well, sometimes that is easier said then done. Actually, that’s way easier said then done. Whether you are fresh out of college, or have been in the working field for years, there are always things that don’t quite go how we wish they would when it comes to our jobs. Maybe it’s a boss that you hate, or a co-worker that you just don’t jive with. A lot of things happen when we are working jobs that aren’t necessarily always in our control.

Studies show that there are some specific keys and ways to find more happiness at work, especially in ways that you may have never even considered. For instance, people at small businesses tend to be a lot happier than other employee’s. Now don’t go quitting your job in search of the greatest small business, but there are ways to integrate more of their practices in your day to day. Maybe it’s time you started to think outside of the box when it comes to what is going to make you the happiest at work. You never know what tiny changes can make big improvements! Don’t settle for anything less than the greatest work environment possible for yourself.

New research shows that small business employees may be among the happiest people in the workplace. Mhmm. Don’t knock it until you try it! Once you graduate from college, it seems like the optimal next step is making your mark in a large company or corporate office in a big city, but maybe size doesn’t matter as much as we like to pretend it does! This new information is proving that people are enjoying working for smaller company’s way more.

One of the many reasons small business employees are so happy is because they feel like they are benefitting in major ways. For instance, respect is much greater in their place of work. Not to mention, it’s a more collaborative environment, so everyone feels like they are pitching in to help out.

There are a few key reasons why workers in small businesses tend to enjoy greater job satisfaction. Believe it or not, but working for a smaller company can sometimes have a lot more perks than working for a major corporation. A close knit community can improve your feelings of belonging, your schedule can be a little more flexible, and less competition which can provide less stress around the workplace. This might be a great option to consider for your next job.

Matthew Owenby, human resources expert from Aflac, discussed the feelings and attitudes of the small business employee and what it means for the small business owner as well as share some new resources from Aflac that you can use in your day to day to help improve your overall happiness. Owenby is an expert in his field. He has more than 15 years of experience in the financial services/HR industry and is senior vice president, chief human resources officer at Aflac. Michael Chernow, co-founder of New York City restaurants The Meatball Shop and Seamore’s, also shared his personal perspective on why small businesses are one of the best places to work.

“Based on my experience, really I think it comes down to the family environment and family philosophy most small business owners bring to the table. Because of that family environment and philosophy, it allows them more time to focus on their staff. I think that is what small business employees notice and appreciate. It helps guys like me to look at my benefit program and see what we offer as far as traditional and non-traditional. It covers a variety of people inside and outside the workplace,” Chernow said.

The new Employee Happiness Report – yes, this exists, reveals a number of interesting things about what it’s like to work at a small business and identifies several key factors related to satisfaction and happiness, including things such as an employees’ finances, physical health and benefits package. The study was conducted by Aflac, the leading provider of voluntary insurance at the work site in the U.S.

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