Why Hip Dips Are Just As Stupid As the Thigh Gap

hip dips

By now you’ve probably heard of the thigh gap trend (if you can even call it that) of young women yearning for a space in between their thighs. Well, buckle up ladies — because the new focus is on hip dips, or that concave area right below the hip bone. Some women are afraid of having this indent in their hips, deeming it unattractive and an implication of being overweight. If this doesn’t sound crazy enough, there are even special diets and exercises geared towards diminishing the look of a dip. Getting a six pack seems difficult enough, so I can only image the effort — not to mention interesting exercises — it takes to get rid of these dips.

The fact that there are forums that provide advice regarding how to lose the dip makes me sad for the young generation. With models like Chrissy Teigen and Kate Upton, I thought that we were finally veering towards a “curvy is the new skinny” mindset. After Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable, it seemed that waify model-types and diminishing BMI’s became more and more popular. This look isn’t healthy and has even caused girls to second guess their own bodies—hence the growing focus on gaps and dips.

Thankfully there’s a Tumblr entitled “A Hip Dip Appreciation Blog”. This restores my faith in humanity and thrills me to see women posting pictures of themselves, hip dips and all. These women are going against the current and spitting in the face of dips and gaps.

To this, I propose a challenge—a challenge for women to be more accepting of their own bodies and figures and to move away from the body trends. Having a gap, an anti-dip, or a popping collar bone (a pop?) will go out of style just like tattoo necklaces and scrunchies. Then, all that time women spent following body part-specific diets and working out certain areas of their body will be time that could have been spent celebrating the skin they’re already in.

It’s time to stop focusing on the dip.

Photo by Jacobo Canady

Lindsey Metrus
Born and raised in upstate NY, I am so excited to begin the next chapter of my life in the NY metro area. I love swimming, being adventurous, and trying new foods! Check out my blog.
  • Head_Heaux

    You do realize that Chrissy is toned AF and Kate has a little boy body except for her ginormous chest? I’m sick of people telling me that I should just accept my deformed gross body and “love myself” I hate myself and my body and it drives me to work harder to look better. You’re telling me that fat people should just “love themselves” instead of striving to be healthier and more fit? This BS being spewed is just pandering! I hate my boobs and even if everyone else in the world thought they were perfect I would still hate them! Why? Because like everyone seems to advocate, I actually don’t care what other people think! I am not satisfied myself.

  • Head_Heaux

    Also don’t be stupid! You can DEFINITELY choose where fat comes off. Hip dips are caused by having wider thighs and obliques than hips. By toning your obliques and thighs you could get rid of hip dips. How about instead of being sheep we actually use our heads.

    • Olivia

      Actually you can’t target fat loss from a certain area unfortunately. Everyone stores fat in different areas, some people will lose weight off their stomach but never off their thighs. However you can control muscle tone by targeting certain muscles.

      • Head_Heaux

        Actually you CAN target fat loss if you do a little work. If you take the time to figure out where you personally gain the majority of fat (legs, thighs, abs) and work those areas you’ve targeted your fat loss. In addition muscle burns fat, it stands to reason but is not proven, that fat (not including subcutaneous fat) will be burned in close proximity to the muscle that is being exercised.
        Maybe it’s not easy to target fat loss, but with some info about yourself you could do it.