5 Things We’re Excited to See in Game of Thrones Season 5

The battle for the Throne will resume in Westeros this coming Sunday, April 12th. Fans from all over will tune in to watch the season première of Game of Thrones on HBO. The popular fantasy drama series has gained a loyal fan-base from not only the books but the TV series as well.

Even though this season is set to stray away from George R.R. Martin’s books, fans are still planning to watch the series unfold. New plot-lines will be introduced to both readers and viewers now. The anticipation of the new material for the show is really exciting yet scary for fans. Who knows what character will die a tragic death? We’ve made a short list of what we’re excited to see progress in the new season.

(WARNING: Spoilers from Seasons 1-4 are mentioned, but not book spoilers.)

1. Sansa Stark Finally Joining The Game


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Sansa Stark, we welcome you to the Game. After being harassed by Joffery countless amount of times and then being abused by her crazy Aunt, Sansa has finally decided to participate in the Game. Now, when we say “the Game” in terms of the show, we’re talking about the lying, cheating, and cutthroat actions that multiple characters partake in to advance themselves. Due to her oppression in previous seasons, Sansa was never really apart of that… Until now. After lying about her Aunt’s death in order to save Petyr Baelish, Sansa has officially inducted herself into the Game. She’s grown into a strong young lady and we can’t wait for her hands to get a little bit dirty this season.

2. The Plight of Tyrion


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Last season we left our favorite dwarf, Tyrion, escaping on a boat to who knows where. After being accused of “killing” evil King Joffery, being thrown in prison, put on trial, and losing the little bit of allies he had (RIP Oberyn Martell), Tyrion Lannister had enough. He finally did the viewers a favor by killing his former lover Shay, and his father Tywin. And now he’s on the run from King’s Landing. Tyrion is everyone’s favorite Lannister and his escape from King’s Landing deserves a standing ovation. But what will become of our witty Lannister? Who will he run into while escaping?

3. There’s a Dragon on the Loose


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The Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, is slowly but surely rising in the ranks for the Throne. She has an army of the best fighters, a following of loyal subjects and three dragons. What could possibly go wrong? Perhaps Dany’s dragon, Drogon. Last season, she was unable to lock away Drogon with the other two dragons. Drogon is continuing to grow stronger, bigger, and breathe fire amongst unsuspecting victims. Will her dragons end up being more than she’d bargain for or will she truly become the Mother of Dragons by taming the fully grown, adult dragons?

4. Queen Margaery of the Seven Kingdoms


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If there’s one person playing the Game to the fullest, it is Margaery Tyrell. Margaery is the only character to successfully manipulate and semi-control Joffery to her liking. Cersei hasn’t even been able to do this. And now after Joffery’s death, she’s moved on to the next King in line, young Tommen. She’s already started whispering in Tommen’s ear as of last season and is set to marry him. But as Queen, does Margaery have a hidden agenda? She’s been playing the Game, but has done it through smiles and kindness. Will she finally decide to get blood on her hands this season?

5. And finally the Theme Song

You know the tune. You’ve probably had it stuck in your head multiple times throughout watching the series. Who isn’t excited to hear the familiar song during the opening of the show while a new map of Westeros and Essos is explored? The popular Game of Thrones theme song is something that will bring comfort to the fandom come Sunday, signalling that winter is finally coming.

We have our list. What are you excited about for this upcoming season of Game of Thrones?

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