Finding Motivation From Music

Motivation from music

Humans are fragile creatures and sometimes when life throws us curve balls, we have this tendency to fall deeper and deeper into a paralyzing state where even getting out of bed can be grueling and physically demanding. Whether you’re ill, depressed about your job or relationship, or just completely thrown off your vibe, sometimes you can forget the most simple yet effective solution that’ll get the nerves in your body tingling again.

I’ve always thought of music as an outlet, a temporary distraction from the harsh realities in the world around me. Much like your favorite movie or book, plugging in your headphones can allow you to escape to a world where there’s no sadness, judgement, or disappointment. Think of your favorite song. Think about how something electric happens as the sound travels through your whole body, how you can feel the vibrations from the top of your head down to the tip of your toes and how all the fogginess and bad energy seems to get drained out. A lot of people overlook the fact that this feeling is so much more powerful than its perceived to be. We are truly lucky that we have the power to just plug in our headphones and suddenly have everything become a lot more clear and serene.

Music can be the motivation for us that we need in countless ways. For example, if you’re wanting to get into shape but lack the motivation, try bringing your iPod along with you as you exercise. Going for a walk or jog while listening to music can be one of the most therapeutic experiences us humans can endure. Let the music take control of your body and give your mind a break for once. Another helpful tip is to use the music as a timer by saying to yourself “Keep going until this song ends.” You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll be able to accomplish with the help of some good tunes.

Although some might see it as a distraction, music can also be a valuable component while studying. Let’s face it, not everyone can study in a room so quiet you can hear a pin drop. Not only this, but studying itself can be tedious and just too tiresome that sometimes we need something in the background to make us feel more awakened. For some people, turning on a specific type of music such as classical or smooth jazz can not only make it easier for them to focus on the task at hand but can also result in them remembering information more effectively and accurately. So try turning on some music next time if you find it difficult to study in a quiet environment and aren’t easily distracted.

For a certain group of people, music can be their one and only inspiration. Often times when we experience loss, we shut others out. We cope with sadness in unspeakable ways all while forgetting that we can turn to music to be the pivotal factor in whether or not we can surpass our misfortunes. We overlook the fact that a single song, either its lyrics or its strumming of a guitar, can help us through our dark times, whether it takes listening to a song once or a million times on repeat. Find music you can relate to, music that makes you feel like you’re the only one in the universe its singing to.

As far as personal experiences go, I’m somebody who truly cannot get through her day without listening to music. There are some days where I leave my earbuds in from the bright early morning while brushing my teeth to the stillness of the night when I finally put my head back down on my pillow. It helps me. It makes it easier for me to accomplish daily tasks that I loathe such as cleaning, cooking and doing laundry. There’s such a vast variety of music out there that it’s impossible to not find a song that doesn’t represent what I’m feeling or the mood that I’m in. Music gives you the opportunity to create a soundtrack unique to own your life while providing a comfort so ethereal and remarkable.

So put on your headphones, find some music you can vibe with, and as I like to say, turn your black and gray thoughts into some pink and purple ones.

Photo by Andreas Levers

Ashley Morgan
Ashley Patricia Morgan, music, literature, fashion, film enthusiast.