Here’s How To Make Your Favorite Childhood Snacks At Home

favorite childhood snacks

When I was in elementary school, the best part of the day was coming home after school and digging into the pantry for handfuls of salty crackers and sugary cookies, the more processed and brightly colored, the better. Throughout college and now my career, I’ve held onto my daily afternoon snack ritual. But it’s a little less socially acceptable for a twenty something professional woman to fill her grocery cart with cans of Funfetti icing and bags of Goldfish crackers. While I still do this (judging looks from other shoppers be damned!), I’ve also been on the hunt for homemade versions of my favorite snacks.

Here are recipes for a handful of your childhood guilty pleasures to whip up at home so you can feel slightly more like a real adult:


Nothing was better than finishing off lunch with a pack of little graham cracker animals dipped in the sweetest concoction known to man. This recipe includes not just the frosting but also the crackers (using the cutest cookie cutter imaginable!)

Fruit By The Foot


We all loved unrolling one of these bad boys after soccer practice or on the bus ride home. Apparently, it’s making a comeback as “fruit leather”, aka a healthy alternative. Try this recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth without the inevitable sugar crash.



The true mark of a good snack sesh is orange stained fingertips, am I right? However I was always more of a Cooler Ranch girl, so I figured I’d give this recipe a go.

Bagel Bites


Two super foods combined into one delicious bite: bagels & pizza. So simple to make following this recipe. And, for those true BB lovers, did you know they now make breakfast ones? Dreams really do come true.

Pop Tarts


The Gilmore Girls were the ones who first introduced me to the glazed, sprinkle-covered deliciousness we know as pop tarts. This recipe is a perfect homemade way to brighten up those early mornings at the office.

Spaghetti Os


I was that weird kid that would eat these cold straight from the can. And I still do that at my desk sometimes if no one is looking. But with this recipe, you can have a healthy, gluten-free, yummy (and hopefully warm!) version of your favorite childhood lunch.



A classic PB&J sandwich is a staple in pretty much every household. But a PB&J without crusts is even better! Freeze the extra sandwiches from this recipe to have grab and go lunches for the whole week.



Cheez-its are hands down my favorite snack. I may have eaten an entire box in a day before. Don’t judge. This recipe looks almost more delicious than what comes out of the familiar red box, if that’s even possible!

Cosmic Brownies


Everything about these was so good, from the chewy brownie bottom to the super rich chocolate frosting to the rainbow chips on top. For those of you who can’t get enough sweets in your life, this recipe is for you.

So if you’re over “clean eating” and rice cakes or if you simply want a dose of nostalgia for the good old days, try one of these copycat snacks. It’ll take you right back to the days of summer vacations, recess and gel pens.

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