The Evolution of The Lumberjack Chic

Lumberjack Chic

Seen a lot of people walking around with L.L. Bean boots, puffer vests, Patagonia, and flannel lately?

Some call it the new Lumberjack look, but we like to call it Lumberjack Chic.

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The Lumberjack Chic style has caught on like wildfire amongst young adults everywhere. Just this past December, the demand for the L.L. Bean boots skyrocketed, putting overall production back-logged to about 100,000 boots. The boots that were once popular within the farming, hiking, fishing, and all things outdoorsy community, are now a hit in the fashion industry.

Before we can fully understand and appreciate this look, we must take a trip down fashion lane and revisit styles over the years that have caused the evolution of the Lumberjack Chic.

The Hippie Look

Emily Quirk

Our first stop in time is with the hippies. Where Woodstock, Jimmi Hendricks, and flower power were an everyday topic of conversation. The infamous hippie look that was established in the 60’s (although always confused for the 70’s) brought a whole new meaning to fashion. Influenced by the sounds of rock and roll, ideals of peace, and heavy narcotics, the hippies have inspired a look that people still try to mimic present day.

Lumberjack Chic can thank the hippies for: the expression of color. The hippies weren’t afraid to dress themselves up in any and all colors of the rainbow. (Obviously.) Up until the 60’s, neutral colors were often worn in everyday clothing. The hippies were really the first to normalize bright and vibrant colors in the fashion world. The expression of color is seen through Lumberjack Chic’s variety of plaid, Patagonia print, and puffer vest color options.

Popular Garments of the Hippies:
Long skirts
Beaded jewelry
Bell-Bottom Jeans

The Grunge Look

Ashley Quirk

Our next stop is not too far from the present day. Where the development of our beloved Internet was discovered and the use of cell phones. The 90’s were known for a lot of very interesting fashions and trends. One of those happens to be the grunge look. Born from alternative rock and the rave scene, this unkempt, disheveled style of clothing is still worn today but has slowly lost its stylist name.

Lumberjack Chic can thank grunge for: the flannel and boots trend. The grunge look claimed the flannel look before it was cool. Sorry hipsters. Whether the plaid was tied around the waist or sported with a popular band tee, it was everywhere in the grunge period. Plaid is one of the main components of the Lumberjack Chic look and wouldn’t be as identifiable without it. Also, the L.L. Bean boots wore in the Lumberjack Chic style wouldn’t be a thing without the display of boots in the 90’s. The grunge style owned the idea of everyday boot wear without a second thought. Now sure, you have the popular go-go boots from the late 60’s through the 70’s and 80’s but the combat boots used to perfect the grunge look, are more closely related to the boots used in the Lumberjack Chic look. Regardless of L.L. Bean boots or riding boots, it takes its cues from combat boots.

Popular Garments:
Combat Boots
Darker Make-up
Ripped Clothing

The Hipster Look

Laura Quirk 3

Lastly, a popular look that was invented by the Millennials is the still relevant hipster look. Having a liking for all things underground and concerns for the environment and worldly affairs, the hipster mentality is still alive and well. Coined during the 40’s, the term hipster has transpired into a whole new meaning. When someone uses the word “hipster” now, we automatically think beanies, coffee shops, and bulky glasses as opposed to the jazz association the word used to have.

Lumberjack Chic can thank the hipsters for: vests. Vests are worn by both male and female when it comes to the Lumberjack Chic style. Males tend to wear fancier vests while women wear the puffer vests. Vests have recently made a comeback in the fashion world and that’s all thanks to the hipster movement. Hipsters usually have a dress nicer and cleaner air to them as opposed to the other styles mentioned in this article. The use of vests most often completes the look, giving it that final hipster glow.

Popular Garments:
Wide-Rimmed Glasses
Skinny Jeans

The evolution of the Lumberjack Chic style wouldn’t be anywhere without the styles before it. The hippies, the grunge, and the hipster styles had a huge influence on this new look but they aren’t the only ones. There have been styles before the grunge period and styles before the hippies that have influenced them as well. There isn’t a specific all-encompassing style that other styles draw its inspiration from and that’s the beauty of it all. The representation of multiple subcultures over time can be expressed through one outfit. It’s like they always say: History repeats itself and fashion trends cycle.

Photos: Emily Le, Ashley Williams, Laura Ramirez

Feature Image: Stacie De Lucia


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