Design Tips From Jenni Pulos, Star of Bravo TV’s Hit Show ‘Flipping Out’

Jenni Pulos is a modern day Jane of all trades. From the world of entertainment to home renovations, it seems she has done it all. The author of Grin and Bear It: How to Be Happy No Matter What Reality Throws Your Way, shared with Quirky Daily how you can design a beautiful home or apartment for yourself, the latest design trends, and even how to conserve water in your homes. Pulos knows a thing or two about being a successful business woman, and seemingly balancing it all.

Quirky Daily: How did you make the transition from actress and comedian, to solving fix it problems on the Bravo show Flipping Out?

Jenni Pulos: I was pursuing acting and working part time for Jeff Lewis, and we happened to come upon a television show. It was actually originally a presentation that me and my ex-husband were doing, and I talked Jeff Lewis into being a part of it. Literally the script flipped, if you will, or the concept, and here we are—eight seasons later we have Flipping Out. We’re grateful that we are still on the air, and stay tuned to see if we’re coming back. You know, as I was pursuing entertainment, I loved real estate, and I wanted to work alongside the best, which [Jeff Lewis] is, and we’ve tackled many a crazy client, and a lot of jobs and renovations of his homes. People enjoy it and I think that’s good.

Quirky Daily: If Flipping Out comes back for another season, what are some things you are looking to tackle?

Jenni Pulos:
Well we always… with the homes expect the unexpected. We go in and we think the problem will be one thing, but then other challenges or issues arise. It’s always interesting balancing with clients what we want to see for their home, and what they want to see and need. I love that about Jeff as a designer, he doesn’t just want to make it his own, because let’s face it, our clients are living there and they have to be happy. I think that, along with always the crazy work life, and if we do come back you might see new employees as always. Because there is a little bit of a turnover rate at Jeff Lewis design, but we’re growing.

Quirky Daily: What are some of the big design trends this year?

Jenni Pulos: I think wide plank floors. Personally I think they’re very beautiful, and I think they’re very hot right now. The light grays I think are timeless. I think blues are very hot right now, and mixed metals. Loving the golds and the brasses, and I think that warms up a space in a beautiful way. Always changing… this is a trend that never goes away, if you want a quick refresh, paint cabinet hardware. Doing little things to make a difference I think in your home can always, it takes it to the next level without feeling overwhelmed. I think it’s just about doing timeless choices. I liken it to fashion a lot. You want to have a nice base in your wardrobe, and then you accessorize with belts and funkier things. I think it works well when you do that in your home too. That’s kind of a good template.

Quirky Daily: Can you tell me a little bit about your passion for conservation?

Jenni Pulos: Yes, I have partnered with Niagra conservation. I’m so grateful that they came to me to launch this campaign, What the Flush, #WhatTheFlush, to introduce the stealth toilet, which is this world’s best toilet. It is patent with a vacuum assist technology, it uses less than a gallon of water per flush, so do the math. That’s 20 gallons of water you can save in your household per year. So 50,000 households would install this toilet, it would save a billion gallons of water. Water conservation… throughout our world is important. It’s not something you can say, “Oh it’s getting better.” You have to always be very conscious about staying ahead of the game. This is a way to do so without changing your daily habits, and it’s $149!

Quirky Daily: You can’t get better than that!

Jenni Pulos: You get your water rebates, you save on your bill, it’s paying for itself.

Quirky Daily: What other projects are you currently involved in?

Jenni Pulos: I have some entertainment projects that I’m currently developing. I’m just so excited about putting things out there that I’m excited about in all aspects. A lot to look forward to, and all of the design projects I am tackling with Jeff Lewis as well, and Jeff Lewis design.

Feature Image: Yvonne Eijkenduijn

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