Better With Age: Why I Date Older Men

dating older men

It’s a well known fact that some things, like wine and Parmesan cheese, are better with age. I believe when it comes to men, the same rule applies.

Yes, I’m the cliche of the younger girl with the older guy, the 24 year old with the 30 year old, the recent college graduate with the established businessman. I’ve been this way my whole life, drawn to men a few years my senior.

People often question the age difference and wonder how two people in such different life stages can be so compatible, can be so right. It’s really quite simple. Here are the top reasons I refuse to mind the (age) gap:

They are more settled down.

The average guy in his 30’s isn’t out getting drunk at the bar every weekend or showing up late to the office with a hangover and beer breath. As a twenty something who eventually wants a family and a life together, it’s nice to know they are less of a bro and more of a man. Sharing similar values and lifestyles is key to a solid relationship.

They know what they want.

Older men aren’t about playing games or leading you on. They aren’t about settling for less or for just okay. Having been around the block more than enough times, they know the kind of woman they are interested in and they won’t waste their time pursuing anything else.

Their decisiveness is a plus in other areas too. Say goodbye to spending an hour debating what movie to watch or where to go for dinner. If you can’t decide, they can (and will). It makes date nights go much more smoothly, not to mention it’s a turn-on when a man has the confidence to take the lead.

They treat women the way we should be treated.

You can expect they will call when they say they will and they won’t cancel plans with you in favor of boys night. They appreciate you as a woman, putting your wants and needs on the same level as their own, if not above. Older men understand your worth and will treat you like the princess or queen you are.

This applies to the bedroom as well! They are more than willing to make sure you thoroughly enjoy yourself and won’t leave you unsatisfied or unimpressed. Selfishness between the sheets is one thing none of us girls miss from the boys we dated in our college years.

They are who they are.

I respect a man who knows who he is, who doesn’t get swayed by the opinions of others, who is confident in himself as a person. With an older man, you always know what you’re going to get because they aren’t afraid to be themselves in every situation, no matter what someone else thinks. It’s a refreshing attitude in today’s generation.

They can make you a better person.

A man who has more years of life experience than you can offer you much more than a secure financial future and a well-planned dinner date. He can also serve as a mentor, both personally and professionally. Men, just like women, love giving advice and sharing their stories to the people they care for. I have learned so much about my career and about life in general from the men I have dated and can attribute a lot of my success to the wisdom they chose to impart on me.

Age truly is just a number, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. While we each have our types and we each have our own turn-ons and lists of “musts”, I will always be drawn to men a few years older than me. Maybe it’s their subtle self confidence or the sexy way they roll up the sleeves of their dress shirts. Whatever it is, I know one day I’ll find the 30 to my 24, the George to my Amal, the Harrison to my Calista.

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Amanda Tarlton
Amanda is a writer and designer who loves helping people tell their stories and who believes life is better on a yoga mat. She currently works for a tech startup in Baltimore, MD while she pursues her writing dreams on the side and can often be found binge watching The Mindy Project and eating Cheez-its.