Christmas Shopping Tips From Jane Buckingham

Jane Buckingham Christmas Shopping Tips

Jane Buckingham knows a thing or two about millennial women. After all, she wrote a whole book dedicated to helping modern girls navigate life. Buckingham is the author of The Modern Girls Guide to Life, as well as country’s foremost experts on Generations X, Y and V. Buckingham sat down with Quirky Daily to discuss her personal holiday tips and how Westfield mall has designed the ultimate gift finder for any one in your life this season.

Quirky Daily: What is your advice for picking the perfect gift for everyone in your life?

Jane Buckingham: Westfield came up with this great idea, which is the Santa’s perfect present finder. It is this great idea where you go to, and you basically write a letter to Santa! You put in the person you’re trying to find a gift for, so it could be your daughter, and you want to say “I want to spend $50 or less – or whatever it might be – and she likes fashion,” then it will give you a list of ideas … You end up with a list that you like, and then you can email that to yourself, or print it out.

Then you wind up with all these lists organized by the prices or different stores, and then you can go into the mall and have that experience of shopping and buying the things and knowing where to get them, of course, while staying on budget. You don’t have that usual panic of, “Oh my God! I have to buy for everyone and I don’t know what to get, and I’m going to spend too much money!” It’s a perfect way to enjoy the holidays, but not have all the stress of it.

QD: Any gifts in particular that you found for this year?

JB: A lot of my favorite ones came from the present finder! For my husband, who always manages to buy himself the one thing he wants before the holidays, I found him this amazing grill. It’s portable grill so that you can wheel it over to wherever you are. For my mother in law, I found her this great thing from a store called Lush, that I didn’t even know about. It’s the twelve days of Christmas, because she gets really into the holidays. it’s like bath bombs and different little luxurious products, but it counts down the days until Christmas. I think for young people that hover board is going to be sort of the big thing for the holidays, and even wireless headphones.

QD: Any other apps that you love?

JB: That’s what I love about this Westfield app! I go in on this app, and I just sort of play around, then I create the list and go into the mall. I’m not an online shopper as much, so I like to create my list and then go in the mall.

QD: Does your book The Modern Girls Guide to Life have any special tips?

JB: Yes! I just came out with a revised edition, because when I first wrote the book it was 10 years ago! You know, I was looking at it, and one of the tips was about DSL and Dial-UP, and I thought, “Maybe it’s time to revise this and put in something more contemporary.” [Laughs!] So, I talk about different gifts and understanding different people, so there are lots of tips about wrapping presents, there are lots of tips about what to do if you get re-gifted a gift, and how to deal with that. There are lots of tips about remembering people’s names, different holiday parties, and how to avoid putting on weight during the holidays, which is something that I always do. So I think that Westfield has the buying presents covered, and hopefully [my book] has all the other things about the holidays covered.

QD: What do you want people to remember during this season?

JB: The most important tip about the holidays is to try to enjoy the spirit of the holidays. Which is to be with your friends, and to be with your family, relax, and that is what the holidays are supposed to be about. Enjoy it, enjoy the spirit of it. Westfield wants to make it easier for people, and if that’s what the perfect present finder does, than I feel that [Westfield] thinks they have succeeded at their job.

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