Chick Flicks That Won’t Make You Roll Your Eyes

Chicks flicks

I don’t know about you but chick flicks have the potential to drive me absolutely up a wall. They can be so painfully predictable and dry. Boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, girl leaves boy… We get it. That doesn’t mean that I don’t spend hours scrolling through my Netflix hoping for a decent Rom Com that I can snuggle up with on a relaxing Sunday evening. If you also crave substance with your chick flicks, consider this your go-to movie guide.

10 Things I Hate About You

This has been one of my favorite movies since I watched it with my mom for the first time in middle school. I used to swoon over Patrick Verona’s performance of Frankie Valli’s Can’t Take My Eyes Off You for Kat in front of the whole school (and still do, I mean c’mon.) Another plus to this movie is besides swoon-worthy Heath Ledger is that it uses impressive vocabulary so you don’t feel like your brain is melting while you’re watching it. Yay for flexing your brain muscles!

Stuck in Love

This precious movie starring Lily Collins, Nat Wolf, and Greg Kinear seemed to fly under everyone’s radars a few years back, and I am completely baffled as to why. The movie follows a family of writers who are all caught in love’s grasp. They utilize their craft to cope with their varying situations and also rekindle their familial bond. Any writer out their will be compelled to recommit to their daily journaling after watching this movie.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

If there’s such thing as a perfect movie for any occasion, I would consider Forgetting Sarah Marshall that movie. This movie doesn’t really count as a chick flick, but could still fall into the romantic comedy category. Regardless, this movie is funny, raunchy, and incredibly honest. The characters are quite dynamic and speak truthfully to the nature of romantic relationships. By the end of the movie, I am always left crying with laughter and looking up ways that I can pick up and move to Hawaii.

The Prince & Me

This movie is a gem, truly. It’s about a small town college girl from Wisconsin who is captivated by a Danish Prince posing as an exchange student. I always admired Julia Stile’s character, Paige. She was headstrong, smart, and uninterested in romance. Even in falling in love with the charming Prince Edward, she doesn’t abandon her dream of becoming a doctor. She is  a stellar role model for young women because she is unwavering in her pursuit of her goals but does not fear falling in love either.

He’s Just Not That Into You

Whenever I am caught in a confusing situation involving a boy, I always sit down and watch this movie. It has every amazing actor and actress you can think of and speaks to every kind of romantic relationship. Each character serves as an archetypal representation for dating in the 21st century. The online dater, the cheater, the casual hookup, the desperate and single… In following these people’s intersecting relationships, you learn that not everyone’s happy endings look the same. Pretty refreshing for a romance flick.


What can I say about this film that hasn’t already been said? First of all, it’s based on a Jane Austen novel, Emma, which is means it actually has substance (contrary to popular belief.) Second of all, Cher Horowitz is a  queen amongst us mere mortals. Thirdly, it has young Paul Rudd in it which is all any of us can really ask for. This movie is a classic for a reason!

Easy A

As far as I can tell, everyone loves this movie. I mean, c’mon, it is so far off the beaten path as far as romantic comedies go. The love interest and the main character are casual acquaintances at the beginning, it draws inspiration from The Scarlet Letter, and stars Emma Stone as the sassy and uncensored character we always hoped she would be. In terms of 21st century chick flicks, this one pretty much wins.

When Harry Met Sally

The thought of curling up and watching this movie at the end of a hard day makes me feel like my heart is wrapped up inside a toasty Cinnabon. Harry and Sally are the epitome of the friends-turned-lovers love story. Meg Ryan, smart and driven, meets Harry, charming and cocky, when they are forced into a road trip together. They run into each other years later in an airport and spark up a friendship. Their honesty and lack of cheesiness make them a couple you don’t mind rooting for. Nora Ephron does it again!

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