Chef Catherine De Orio Is Back At It Again With The Great Tips

Isn’t it strange that with all of the technological advances and everything that seems to be at our fingertips, we still aren’t finding the time to break out the old kitchenware and get cooking! It’s not just you! Apparently the trend of people cooking has been slowly decreasing year after year. Don’t worry, it’s also not just women, men are experiencing the same exact issues. No one seems to be preparing their own at home meals anymore.

One report shows that on average, both men and women spend roughly 110 minutes combined cooking each day compared with about 140 minutes per day in the 1970s. That’s pretty crazy if you think about it. So what happened to change the trend of people cooking at home in their own kitchens? There is a recent survey that shows that 21% of Americans say they “don’t have the time.” Another 28% say they simply don’t know how. Well, that just plain sucks, right?

Chef Catherine De Orio knows a thing or two about creating the best atmosphere for cooking in your home. There should be nothing stopping you from creating healthy, affordable, and fun meals for yourself out of the confines of your own kitchen. Yes, it can be that easy. Keep reading to find out her classic tips!

Quirky Daily: Why is it that home cooking shows are more popular than ever, but people don’t do the cooking themselves?

Chef Catherine De Orio: I think it’s that idea of the arm chair traveler, you know? It’s kind of aspirational. You watch the TV and you watch people cook, and I’m here to say that it’s easy. You should get in the kitchen and try it.

QD: What are some of the obstacles that stop people?

Chef Catherine: These days it seems like we’re all pressed for time. That seems to be the number one obstacle. We don’t seem to have the time to grocery shop and plan meals, and cook and clean. I think that can be remedied with some planning – like all things I guess. If you didn’t grow up cooking, it can be intimidating to start doing something new. You can do these things with a little bit of planning and a little bit of cheerleading! You can do that with the Great American Cooking Challenge.

QD: What are some ways to plan for this?

Chef Catherine: First I say strategize. Strategize and stock up! Decide what you’re going to plan. Decide what your week looks like. Figure out when you’re going to be really short on time and plan ahead for those nights. Do a double batch of sauce so you have two meals for the week. If you’re cooking the night before and you’re using onion or peppers, chop those up, and chop those up enough that when you’re cooking, you can use those products in the morning in like you’re omelet. One product I like to use is are egg beaters, which eliminates cracking the eggs and stirring it. Boom you can just measure it out and throw it into the pan. It’s a really easy way to start out the day.

QD: How can millennials be inspired to get back in the kitchen?

Chef Catherine: The Great American Cook In, let me just tell you what the challenge is. I teamed up with conagra to encourage people to cook in for one week. In the month of May, or any time of year. If you do it in the month of May, if you go to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #GreatAmericanCookIn, it’s a movement to help people to cook in. We’re hoping you gain confidence to cook in. It shouldn’t just be a once in a while thing, you save money and it’s better than eating out every night.

There are lots more tips and tricks for eating in and staying healthy if you go to It’s the number one place that you can get inspiration and recipes. Chef Catherine also wrote a bunch of blog posts that lay out that tactic for meal planning. You don’t have to stress about not having the time, because excuses are for the weak. Be strong and healthy! It’s all about just being smart with your time!

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