Pop Culture Characters Who Didn’t Have Children

Pop culture characters who didn't have children

TV and film moms are iconic, and down right important to pop culture. Mrs. Brady from The Brady Brunch mother to three daughters and three stepsons; Shirley Partridge, mother to a musical family in the classic TV show The Partridge Family; Lorelei Gilmore, mom-half of the Gilmore Girls; hell, even Bambi’s mom from the Disney cartoon is a motherly pop culture icon. But just like in life, there are women who chose to waive their mother rights and decide to not have children. This visual in pop culture is so important because is helps decrease the amount bashing childless women go through. Be it on social media or in the supermarket, women with children often judge and criticize a woman’s choice to not reproduce. Well, we think it’s pretty swell that there are pop culture character who have skipped the whole mother part of life, and salute those characters now. Here are some pop culture characters who didn’t have children, and we still love them today!

Carrie Bradshaw

The Sex and the City leading gal may have been engaged a few times during her character arc, and married, too, but never committed to motherhood. Focused on finding love with a great guy, and learning to love herself, as well, Carrie Bradshaw didn’t shy away from vocalizing that motherhood just wasn’t her game. We think it’s great that pop culture has a female character who did not make her entire journey about children, the lack thereof or the search for children. For those of us who really don’t want to have children of our own, we think it’s pretty swell to have a character like Carrie Bradshaw around.

Olivia Pope

Ms. Pope rocks the Scandal world, kicking butts and taking names. She is too busy saving the world to have a little Pope of her own, and we think that is pretty great. So often, women are criticized for choosing a career or even just a normal life without children. Olivia Pope has done just that. Olivia Pope has exercised her right to choice if she becomes a mother and when she becomes a mother, and we know that there are some women born to become mothers and there are some who never find that burning desire to reproduce. That’s why we love characters like Scandal’s Olivia Pope who reflect a different type of woman.

Samantha Jones

Another Sex and the City gal, Samantha Jones really knows how to enjoy sex all day, everyday. And a recipe for lots of sex usually leaves very little time for motherhood and taking care of a baby. This pop culture figure never had a child like the two other Sex and the City characters Charlotte and Miranda but instead, Samantha Jones went about life concerned with fashion, career, and bring oneself to lots and lots of pleasure.

Liz Lemon

Liz Lemon from 30 Rock had a show to run, a diva to control (or two), and way too much fun being goofy, so somewhere down the line Liz decided to hang up the motherhood cape and not have children. Fans of the show, however, will remember that she does settle down and marry Chris Chros (played by James Marsden) and the two adopt two children. So while Liz Lemon is a pop culture icon who did have children, she highlights a different way to achieve motherhood.

Everyone should love motherhood, and all it’s wonder. It brings forth new life, allows the world to become larger day by day, and brings together people over the bond of babies and cuteness. But for those of you ladies who decide to either avoid motherhood and children all together or never really find the right time to have a baby of your own, we want you to know that it’s a-okay. There is no shame in your childless game and we think we should all be supportive in this wonderful thing called womanhood.

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