Get That Budget In Check One Nickel At A Time

Whether you are saving every penny to move into a new apartment, or steadily saving money for school, or even simply trying to be mindful of spending habits before the holiday season, there is no doubt that everyone is searching for new ways to save some money this fall. As you set your budget it is the perfect time to turn everyday activities into positive ways to make a penny go far. Whether it is grocery shopping, purchasing school supplies, or filling up your gas tank, It is definitely time to take control of your money and get it right.

Mary Hunt, author and budgeting expert, gave Quirky Daily the scoop on making a penny go far. Things like learning how to simplify your spending and consider paying cash for certain expenditures or using a gas card that allows you to generate instant savings at the pump. Yes, those are real things that can give you a little added savings each month.

Plus, taking advantage of things you may have forgotten, or didn’t realize existed. For instance, the technique called eat the sales.You may not have known this, but every grocery store department has sales that change weekly. Create your grocery lists and plan your meals from what’s on sale in the store’s current weekly flyer. Make your budget work for what is on sale, don’t try to grab the sales after you have already created a list. You would be surprised to find out how much money you will save this way.

If you’re not already a fan of Hunt’s blog, then you definitely should be. Hunt offers tips to consumers daily via her popular blog Everyday Cheapskate. She is a mother of two, and she understands the financial strain the fall season can have on families. Her story is one with struggle, but ultimate financial redemption.

She was inspired to change her budgeting habits after digging herself out of more than $100,000 in debt, and founded the highly-regarded organization called Debt-Proof Living. The interactive website consists of a monthly newsletter, a daily syndicated newspaper column and thousands of loyal followers who motivated her to become financially responsible and live a debt-free life. So basically, she has all the tips and wisdom you could need to help overcome your financial woes.

Since one of the biggest burdens can be paying for expensive gas, Hunt teamed with Sunoco to help make it more affordable for women everywhere. To learn more about the Gas Rewards card, and Hunt’s personal advice, go to

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