Binge Watching Is America’s New Favorite Pastime

Binge Watching TV

No one is immune to binge watching – in fact, according to a recent Deloitte study it was discovered that 70% of Americans binge watch shows – meaning Americans are devouring an average of five episodes per binge session. So basically the whole world has no life, but that’s okay, because there is nothing better than knowing exactly what is happening on the latest season of Orange Is the New Black.

Fall is one of the best times to binge watch your favorite shows – it’s a lot cooler outside, which means all you really want to do is sit inside with a nice pumpkin flavored drink and binge watch a little TV, right? Exactly! But we all need to reign it in sometimes, and though we might want to watch all of the latest TV, sometimes it’s best to take a mini-break, or narrow down what we should be watching, and what we should care less about.

America has a new favorite pastime — binge watching television. Rena Lunak, Trends Forecaster discussed with quirky daily the habits of every binge watcher, what she’s watching, and the new hottest shows to be on television.

Lunak is an avid movie and TV buff, and brings her knowledge and passion for all things video and entertainment to the table in everything she does. Currently, she has been working at Amazon for 5 years, and advises on the digital entertainment industry and is the go-to voice at Amazon for all things popular in video today. Rena digs into how people are consuming streaming content and the trends around the titles found on Amazon Video and Prime Video. Basically, she is the perfect woman to give us the low-down on what’s hot and what’s not in television today!

Quirky Daily: Why is binge watching such a staple for everyone?

Rena Lunak: I think there are two really big things that are helping with this trend: Number one is people are on the go more, and number two, we’re impatient. We want to be able to watch the shows when we want and where we want. We don’t sit around the living room couch anymore and watch Friends or Seinfeld. We just lead very different lifestyles these days.

Quirky Daily: How do you think streaming has changed television?

Rena Lunak: I think it’s convenience and choice. There is so much more to watch and catch up on, so it helps that it’s convenient and we have the choice.

Quirky Daily: What highly anticipated shows do you recommend people binge-watch?

Rena Lunak: We have new shows being released every Friday on amazon video, so you’ll want to check those out. Two dark comedies: One Mississippi and Fleabag. Crisis In Six Scenes is a new one that has Miley Cyrus, and of course our Emmy and Golden Globe winning series Transparent, that one is coming with season 3. That one is highly anticipated. Some other shows people should be watching, if they haven’t already, is Netflix Stranger Things — It’s one of my favorites. I think I binge watched that in about two days!

For more information, check out Amazon and all of their amazing series. Plus, all the other fantastic shows they have to offer! Happy watching!

Feature Image: JJ Duncan

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