Author and DIY Guru, Erica Domesek, Shares Her DIY Tips and Tricks

“I see it. I like it. I make it.” Spoken like a true millennial woman. Erica Domesek is the woman—dare I say genius—behind the PS I made this brand. Erica, who has always been inspired to be creative, has gone from a girl with a glue gun and a dream to a world class DIY sensation. Erica was also named as a spokesperson for the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA), and Elle magazine named her “Fashion Queen of DIY.” All this to say, Erica knows a thing or two about DIY—and she’s not afraid to use it!

She has written two books, PS I Made This and PS You’re Invited, both which focus on teaching and inspiring the next generation of creative crafters. She has also been involved in launching her brand PS I Made This, which she uses as a way to, “inspire and empower people around the globe to cultivate their inner-creativity and embrace the ever-growing do-it-yourself (DIY) way of life.”

Not only does she have the books, but her site, which launched in 2009, “features hundreds of projects that feature clear, step-by-step instructions and vivid inspiration alongside exciting digital content, as well as a guide to the essential products and tools that encourage you to roll up your sleeves, get crafty, and dive into DIY.” There you have it! Erica sat down with Quirky Daily to share new projects and what new crafts she has up her sleeve this year!

Quirky Daily: You have been on the forefront of this emerging trend in the past few years. From pinterest to etsy, it seems that we are becoming the craftiest generation yet. When did you start doing DIY and how did you get so involved with it?

Erica Domesek: I always like to say that I have DIY in my DNA, because growing up creativity was always a part of my life. From when I was a small child to my college years, there was never a time that I did not want to make finger-paints or necklaces. For me, living a creative life is just a mantra that I’ve always subscribed to.

QD: Of all the projects you have done so far, what has been your favorite project to complete?

ED: Wow! That is a very hard question! I don’t know that I have a favorite … but I’m a big jewelry person, so for me it’s always challenging to think where do I store and keep my jewelry. I think that accessory rack is something I’m into right now. That always changes, but it is something that anyone can do.

QD: When you are looking for a new project to start, where do you get your inspiration from?

ED: I get inspiration everywhere! For me, it may be walking down the street, pictures, or I’m on Pinterest for hours and hours. Whether I’m shopping and see something, and I’ll just be stopped in my tracks, and I’ll say, “This is great! I want to make this!” It starts from there and the creativity just goes on.

QD: Absolutely! Why do you think DIY has become such a huge trend, especially for younger women?

ED: From inspiration, people are finding it now on Pinterest and online videos and sometimes people are following creativity on Instagram and screenshotting it to their friends. I think it’s always been there, but the access to it really helped to blow it up.

QD: You’ve already written two books about DIY projects! What was the inspiration behind your books PS I Made This and PS You’re Invited?

ED: I’ve done two different books about creating inspiration for celebrations for the home and events. For me, home is everything … The type of things that I’ve always been drawn to and showing people how to make are bold things. Things you wouldn’t really know they’re DIY. Wall art is always something you can make to brighten up a room.
For more about Erica and her many projects, make sure to check out her website, where you can find more projects and even buy some great DIY products. Also, make sure to go to to find inspiration for your own DIY projects.

Feature image: Erica Domesek

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