What You Actually Think During Your First Yoga Class

Yoga seems to be a trend that is sweeping the nation. For some reason, people enjoy contorting their bodies in the most unnatural ways; I am guilty as charged. There is something so relaxing about the yoga atmosphere. However, if you are a first timer, the thought of going to yoga can be daunting. I laugh every time I go to yoga, because even though I am no longer a newbie, I have some of the same comical thoughts that I did the first time I went. When I lost my yoga virginity, my thoughts went along these lines.

The pants of all pants

Yoga pants. Finally after years of scrutiny and criticism, you are free. You are actually using your trusty yoga pants for their intended purpose and you could not feel any more righteous. You may have no clue what you are about to get yourself into, but at least you look like you have a clue. That’s all that really matters, right?

No questions allowed

You walk into the studio and everyone seems to know each other. You do not recognize a face, so you keep to yourself and search the room for clues of what everyone else did with their belongings. You can’t just ask, because everyone would know you were a virgin yogi. You are supposed to know everything and questions are bad. Just fit in. You look great in the yoga pants. Shew, found the belongings stash and I am in.

Finding the sweet spot

You walk into the room, where veteran yogis are scattered all around. You are not sure exactly what they are doing, but they look like they are professionals. You see an empty spot in the back corner and make a bee-line to. You won’t have to worry about people watching you if you are in the back. All is well.

Act natural

You sit on your mat and cross your legs. Looking around, you see everyone one is at peace. Not a care or thought in the world, easy enough. You close your eyes and try to concentrate on clearing all of your thoughts. You peek your eyes open every second or two to make sure people have not magically transitioned into another pose. What an embarrassment that would be! You close your eyes again and try to focus on nothing. You are getting frustrated because you still have thoughts racing through your mind. You begin to breathe a little heavier due to pure anger that your mind won’t shut up. You have more thoughts and anxieties racing now than before yoga. I am pretty sure that is not how this thing works.

The beginning of the end

The instructor enters the room and everyone pops their eyes open. Let’s do this. She asks everyone to stand, and you run into your first problem. While you were playing it safe by camping out in the back of the room, you did not consider your view to the front. You can not see the teacher, so you decide to watch one of your fellow class mates who look like they know what they are doing. You have successfully met your first yoga class challenge.

When it all goes wrong

Remember when I said you were safe in the back? Little did you know, you don’t face forward the entire time. You see the instructor making her way to the back to show you the next move and you feel your heart stop. Everything was going well; you even balanced in tree pose. This is totally going to throw off your concentration. You’re holding warrior, sweat dripping down your face. Come on, warrior is an easy pose, snap out of it. You feel all eyes on you and it happens. You loose balance and feel defeated. People are silently laughing at the new girl who can’t even hold warrior. When will this class be over?

You can breathe again

After what seems like an eternity, finally the instructor has everyone face forward again. Your legs begin to stop shaking and you can continue being an invisible mass in the back of the room. Of course you nail the hardest move once everyone is looking toward the front of the room. You get a little cocky and want people to glance back in an effort to redeem your previous fail. This thought exits your brain rather quickly and you are thankful no one can see.

The real reason you tried this yoga thing out

Throughout the entire class, your instructor has been using yoga terms and you have no clue what a single one of them mean. Yet the one she just said rings a bell. Savasana. Savasana is the sole reason you tried out the whole yoga thing. Word on the street is you get to lay in complete silence at the end of class. All of the pain and embarrassment is worth it, to spend five minutes taking a cat nap. You feel serene and all of the internal struggles you faced throughout class suddenly disappear. You wake from Savasana and feel like you have really accomplished something (which you have)!

Take a bow

You are on such a yoga high, you immediately sign up for class the following week, because hey, look at you! You are no longer a rookie and you know yoga. You walk out of the studio in your yoga pants (that you actually did yoga in) feeling on top of the world! You have officially completed your first yoga class.

Feature image: TownePost Network