3 Reasons Why 90s R&B Music Will Always Be The Best

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Late night phone calls, blush inducing pet names and dreamy heartfelt declarations of love are just a few things that make 90s R&B music the best. Did I mention the signature dance moves in the rain that made any 90s R&B video poppin’? Yeah, things were legit in the ’90s. So how did we stray so far from the meaningful and melodic lyrics of the ’90s to lyrics like “You took your girl to the club and now she’s gone. Now she’s asking me when I’m taking her home”? I’ve been asking myself this for years now. Can we please go back to the days when music actually had meaning? As a hopeless romantic, I crave to hear feel good music that touches my soul and inspires positivity in my life. If you’re ever around me and a romantic song begins to play, I suggest you place a bet that I will say “awwww” in the most sugar saturated voice you’ve ever heard–and you my friend will undoubtedly be a tad richer! All starry-eyed thoughts aside, 90s R&B music is just simply better. ’90s R&B song topics range from living it up, having a good time with friends, overcoming hardships in life and even aspiring to do better. Gone are the days of “I believe I can fly” in exchange for your everyday twerk music. Now, don’t get me wrong. The music of today has it’s place and I’m never one to keep anyone from milly rockin’ on any block, but when all music is so similarly generic, I have to ask, “What’s the point?”. Is there any way to revive the smooth vibes of ’90s R&B from the grave? Let’s take a look at the swoon worthy reasons why ’90s R&B music will always be the best:

Fellas weren’t afraid to showcase their love

Before the “f*** hoes, get money” lifestyle became popular, guys were jumping through hoops of fire to keep their special lady happy. And hey if that meant strategically arranging a dance routine along with two other guys to perform in front of a group of strangers, they damn sure did it! Tell me ladies, what says “I love you” more than a man having the courage to bust a move in front of unknown people to express his love for you? It really doesn’t get much better than that!

A Good Time Was Inevitable

Life wasn’t about how many followers you had because Instagram and Facebook were non-existent. With no means or reason to post photos of every single event, people focused more on having fun times with great company. I’m all for social media but it’s important to live in the moment. Appearing to have a fun life by posting every single event has taken control over most peoples lives. Instead of legitimately having a good time, the goal is to document everything for the world to see. If you spend every waking moment trying to prove to everyone that you live a super fun life, when will you actually be able to enjoy it with your loved ones? 

Genuine Love and Happiness Was The Goal

Before #relationshipgoals consisting of random pictures of strangers in “loving” moments existed, people aspired to have actual “live in the moment” relationship goals. Every girl in the ’90s got weak in the knees as they daydreamed about Ginuwine sweetly serenading them and then whisking them away into the sunset (on a horse, of course). Even though they knew Ginuwine was far from being an attainable boyfriend, girls still had a vision of what romance looks like. R&B group, Next, sang their way into every girl’s heart with the song “Wifey”. Ladies world-wide aspired to be someone’s wifey. Love was in the air and folks weren’t afraid to show it. Nowadays, “Down in the DM” is the norm and most people are nervous to share their feelings for fear of getting played. With everyone thinking they are getting played in their relationships, most people won’t step out on the ledge and proclaim their feelings. 

Without fail, I’ll take the perfect 90s R&B scene with baggy sweatsuits, fresh two-steps and a loving ambiance any day of the week. Despite what the world says, I’ll always believe that chivalry will never die.

Photo Credit: Hip Hop Top 10

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