Bring A Little Piece of Your Travels Back to Your Apartment This Summer

The best part of sleeping at any hotel is definitely the comfortable sheets you get to experience, right? Laying back on soft hotel sheets are what dreams are made of. After every trip is over, it’s hard to return home to the normalcy of your own sheets with less luxurious comfort levels. You know who felt the same way? Larry King and his wife Shawn King. These two have been all around the world, and they know a thing or two about nice hotel sheets. They had a desire to bring the world class experience of hotel sheets to the world, thus “Sleep Like A King was born.”

Of course it may seem strange to think that Larry King is spending his time on this new endeavor, considering he is an Emmy and Peabody Award-winning host and media icon. However, this was a natural progression for King and his wife. This is also not the first time he and his wife have partnered up and proved that they are a force to be reckoned with. In the summer of 2012, his collaboration with wife Shawn and Carlos Slim involved the launch of the digital television network Along with his show “Larry King Now,” he also has a podcast with his wife.

In October 2014, they launched their Podcast One show “Back and Forth with Shawn & Larry King.” King has interviewed more than 50,000 people over the course of his career. He has a natural, conversational interview style, and he has not only changed the landscape of cable television and television news, but also is now creating a path in the digital space. One of the many reasons he was the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. His best days are far from behind him, and he is even currently nominated for two Daytime Emmy Awards for 2016.

You could call the King’s the ultimate power couple, because Mrs. King has some impressive credits to her name as well. She is a performer, host and entrepreneur. Now with their new endeavor, they have found a way to bring luxury to your very own home. Yes, it’s exactly what you never knew you needed, but won’t be able to get enough of.

“We’ve traveled to some of the best hotels around the world, and I’ve seen [Shawn] buy those sheets in New York and San Francisco – and they’re expensive! So [Westex} came to our house and had an idea – why not sleep like a king. They are one of the largest manufacturers for good hotels,” King told exclusively.

Home luxury has always been important to the Kings, and Shawn in particular really took this project under her wing for people to be able to experience everything she has been lucky enough to experience over the course of her life. “To be able to make your bedroom a sanctuary is so important. We spend one third of our lives in our bedrooms. We are giving – literally – the hotel sheets from the finest hotels in the world. I was thrilled that we were able to bring these sheets that are affordable,” Shawn explained.

“We’ve got some really wonderful products. It has been so much fun to partner with a company that really knows what they are doing. We have alpaca blankets, and these are the finest softest blankets … they are what you find on private jets – and they’re affordable. We really tried hard to design colors that are soothing and relaxing, “she continued.

Because affordability is so important to them, and they want everyone to experience this luxury at home, they are offering an exclusive discount to QuirkyDaily readers. “If your followers go to sleep like a and type in King20, they get 20 percent off. It’s not just sheets, it’s pillows and comforters and soaps and candles. They are all inspired by places we’ve been lucky enough to travel to,” she said.

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