5 Ways to Lovingly Pester Your Boyfriend

Do you love your boyfriend? Most assuredly, right? But every so often you have the urge to chuck him down a flight of stairs. For starters, their attention span teeters constantly. They never try to take interest in your décor purchases, and if they do, they never seem to like the same things as you. Additionally, they never put the toilet seat down either! So what usually ends up happening? You argue, you throw your hands up, and in the end someone is sleeping on the couch (from my experience it’s not always the man).

So…what in the world are you supposed to do? It’s not exactly easy to reason with them, and ‘nagging’ at them doesn’t really work; on the contrary; it usually makes things worse. Pestering men usually just ends with grumbling and hurt feelings.

But what about loveable pestering? The kind of pestering that not only gets the point across, but appears cute at the same time. Ever try that? The poor guy won’t even know what hit him, I assure you. In fact, you won’t even have to worry about listening to them complain or groan at you for ‘picking on them’ (not that that was ever your aim in the first place). Everything is cleverly disguised beneath your ‘quirky cutesy’ shield.

Here’s a couple ideas to try out if you should feel curious one day.

1. Steal/Ransom his Favorite Item

This sounds cruel, I know. But I’m not suggesting you keep it for giggles. Think of it more as a bargaining chip. I think most of us have at least one pet peeve when it comes to our man. They either didn’t get their laundry out of the dryer or they’re tossing dirty socks all over the house. It’s maddening.

So here’s what you do:

Snag his cellphone, TV remote, or any other favored item (in my case, it’s his beloved eye mask), and hide it away in the house until he notices. When he does, switch the cute button to ‘on’ and give it a go. Instead of ‘What-the-hell-is-wrong-with-you-clean-up-your-damn-socks’ try ‘Oh? What’s that? Your phone is missing? Odd. I think I might know where it is. You know, if you try cleaning up a few of your socks, I’m sure it would help jog my memory.’

…You’re free to ‘tee-hee’ too if you think it’d help.

2. Put Him On a ‘Scavenger Hunt’

This can go almost hand in hand with holding his stuff hostage. You can get super creative here. If he refuses to do something you’ve been politely asking him to do for a few days (chore wise), refer to the first idea in this article and take it a step further. String him along with little notes. If you stole his cellphone for example, leave calling cards throughout the house to lead him along on his little hunt. By the time he finds it, it will guide him right to where he’s supposed to be; by the wash machine, the dryer, etc.

Warning: This can potentially backfire when it comes to your man actually accomplishing the chore you set him out to do. He could very well refuse out of spite. But on the bright side, he’ll likely appreciate and grow fond of your determination to try and get him motivated to do something.

 3. Offer Friendly ‘Reminders’

I’m not much of a movie person, but on the rare occasion that I like to watch one, my silly boyfriend always has his eyes glued to his computer screen. “I’m working,” he says or, “I’m reading an article.” From observation of other couples, I’ve noticed that this little issue can turn bitter fast. My own mother becomes livid at being denied this special movie night. Strangely enough, it’s not even about the movie. It’s about the affection and quality time. We want it and we want it now! So let’s just scream at them until they get the point, right?

….But haven’t we tired ourselves out already with yelling at them, ladies? We all know it doesn’t work, yet we keep trying. It’s the very definition of insanity.

So don’t yell at the poor oblivious brute…pester him. Lovingly. Poke him at his computer desk. Remind him how much watching a movie means to you because you rather enjoy hugging him sometimes instead of your pillow. Kindly remind him of what happened the last time he annoyed you and how the poor TV remote somehow went ‘missing’ for a week and somehow ended up in your underwear drawer.

4. Offer ‘Love Taps’ in Bed

The sound of heavy snorking and snorting at night is like nails on a chalkboard, isn’t it? So those of us that are stuck with a snoring guy are seemingly doomed to suffer for eternity; that or just sleep elsewhere. We’ve also found out the hard way that waking them up to complain gets us nowhere. They merely grunt, mutter incomprehensibly, and go right back to snoring a medley of their favorite tunes.

Fortunately, I’ve found that partially rousing them from their sleep rather than fully works wonders all the time. Small elbowing or encouraging kicks to their legs interrupts their horrifying sounds and silences them for a small while- sometimes for the entire night. The best part about this is, your poor guy won’t even realize it. After all, you’re not hurting him nor are you yelling at him for a problem he can’t control. You’re just giving him love taps.

Warning: This sadly doesn’t work on light sleepers and is not meant to substitute over-the-counter-anti-snore medications.

5. Tattle

This is a low blow, but hey! A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. If there’s anybody that can knock some sense into your guy, it’s usually his mother. So if you happen to be on good terms with her, go with her as a last resort and snitch on him… in the most loving way possible, of course.

Bonus: This works even better if you’re married.

Needless to say, none of these are exactly foolproof. Everybody’s life is different, so it roughly depends on your lifestyle and the behavior of your guy. Chances are, if your boyfriend has minimal to zero sense of humor, he most likely won’t find these very welcoming. But if that happens to be the case, and you’re a natural fun loving soul, you probably should question the compatibility of your relationship. But, hey, that’s for another article to tell.

Have fun getting creative!

Featured Image: Ariadna Briana, Creative Commons

Andrea Carter
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