5 TV Shows That Nurture Creativity

Have you ever flipped through TV channels endlessly or gone on a movie scavenger hunt through Netflix? Did you notice how vast it is? Like a giant ocean of entertainment. Originally, this was supposed to be a good thing! We could all wave farewell to boredom and plop on the couch whenever free time allowed. Who needs to go out when you have hours of fun at your fingertips?

The problem is, that giant ocean of entertainment can swallow up all the quality shows and clutter them in with the mediocre ones. In the end, all those planned nights of marathons turn into stale hours of browsing and skimming. You want to watch something. You’re just not sure where to start.

As we all know, TV shows and movies are notorious for lacking originality, so we have the right to be picky about what we choose. Nobody wants to waste their precious time watching a two hour long film that turns out to be a flop.

Sadly, there’s no real foolproof way to avoid this. Everyone gets a dud sometimes. But every once in a blue moon, you come across something different. It challenges the mind to be creative and inspires you. You appreciate the characters and interesting plotlines. It brings something new to the table in terms of storytelling and plot. So not only is the show/movie good, but it nurtures your own creative side too. What’s not to love?

Here are some you may want to consider taking a peek at:

1. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Written by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock

Four women are kept underground in a bunker to escape the doom and gloom of the Apocalypse— sounds like something from a documentary at first glance, huh? And as usual, said Apocalypse turns out to be fake, leaving the women (once rescued), left to sort out their lives and situation on their own.

From the description alone, it certainly sounds tragic and depressing, and very well could have been if it weren’t for the refreshing main character, Kimmy Schmidt.

Unlike most people, Kimmy takes on the world with a smile and optimism. Despite being 29 with an eighth grade education, she seeks out a roommate, finds a nanny job, and encourages those around her to reach for the stars. From living in a closet to eating candy for dinner, Kimmy promotes not only the idealistic look on life, but also brims with creativity that can easily influence viewers as well. So next time you’re in the mood for some inspiration and a few good laughs, give it a whirl!

2. Galavant

Written by Dan Fogelman

Do you find Disney music catchy? Don’t be ashamed. I think a lot of us secretly do, which would explain why this fairytale comedy sounds so appealing. It just so happens to be a musical as well with pieces written by film composer, Alan Menken! With singing pirates on land, disgruntled squires, and one washed up drunken hero, it’s no wonder it made the list.

Galavant, our proud knight of the tale, journeys long and far to a damsel’s kingdom in the hopes of snagging back his ‘happy ending’ from the bumbling King Richard, who’s responsible for kidnapping his lovely lady. With all of its unexpected twists and turns in each episode (along with the catchy tunes) who can’t help but feel just a little creative kick?

For those still feeling unsure, the show’s opening captures its overall essence very well.

3. Doctor Who

Created by Sydney Newman, C.E Webber, and Donald Wilson

Try combining a blue police box, time travel, and a quirky, but super smart man into one image. If you can, you’re very nicely managing to chalk up the timeless show of Doctor Who. Originally a show made in the 1960’s, it was given a relaunch opportunity in 2005, and has been capturing the hearts of many ever since!

The series follows an eccentric humanoid alien, simply known as the Doctor, around multiple time periods in his faithful time machine disguised as a blue police phone box. The involvement of others from different planets, as well as famous historical figures, have a tendency of popping up with him, leaving most viewers glued perpetually to their screen. Cleopatra and dinosaurs? Why not!?  Inspiration is guaranteed!

4. Madoka Magica

Written by Gen Urobuchi

Warning: This show may produce blank stares upon completion followed by gentle rocking in the nearest corner.

Yep. That’s right. Madoka is known notoriously for lulling you into a false sense of security before giving you a swift punch in the face to encourage tears and mindless blubbering. Don’t let it’s cutesy look fool you. It’s usage of photo realism mixed with a clean anime style can make anyone feel like their sanity is slipping away. On the flip side of things, it’s possesses a great deal of originality and has beautiful music.

Madoka Magica tells the unforgettable story of five magical girls, each with the power to make a single wish that can influence and affect the world and people around them.

For those that consider themselves to be well rounded in the ‘Magical Girl’ genre, this is a wonderful opportunity to take away something new. For those that aren’t? Don’t worry about it! I still promise excellence! Try the first three episodes and see what you think. If you’re not satisfied with a stream of wonder and inspiration, I’ll refund your time lost with a free virtual hug!

5. 30 Rock

Created by Tina Fey

 “Would you buy a show about a girl television writer trying to have it all in the city, and also she’s a vampire, I guess?”-Liz Lemon (Tina Fey)

Why try to explain the story yourself when one of the characters conveniently does it for you? Vampire part excluded, 30 Rock is a surreal metacritique of the TV Network NBC. It focuses on, as stated earlier, ‘having it all’ in New York City. The main character, a witty woman known as Liz Lemon, wrestles with the daily life of her job while simultaneously trying to seek out the joys of what one calls… a personal life (cue the mystic wonder music).

There won’t be any dragons or time machines in this one, but there’s a fantastic amount of wit. Besides, what better show to gain creativity from than one about a creative writer?

So here’s to hoping that at least one of these brings you the inspiration you deserve!


Feature Image: Matt Perreault, Creative Commons

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