5 Things Popular TV Series Teach Women About Love

Americans love watching TV drama series that lasts for years, and there are good reasons for it. Apart from the immense entertainment that these shows bring about, there are realistic and life-long lessons we can actually learn from them. Especially for women who are looking for a mental “recipe” for love, the media is like a supplemental pill for their soul.

Check what you, as an intelligent and joyful woman, can learn from these TV shows to live in love every day!

Smart is the new Sexy

Dress to impress the guys, but remember to bring some “brains” with you! Guys can fall in love with the sight, but they will not “stay” there for long but for some internal values. Sometimes, what is inside will even better beautify the outside and make you glow.


One of the reasons why both Ted and Barney in How I Met Your Mother are so obsessed with Robin Scherbatsky is because she’s strong, smart and independent. She is a real life coach that both guys even say that they don’t feel “needed” when in love with her. However, her internal strength makes them strive to be better and more competitive to get her heart.

Being traditional is charismatic enough

You don’t have to be a hot chic like Kendall Jenner or a diplomat like Emma Watson to be viewed attractive. You can just be home, cook good food, plant your lovely garden, take care of your children and look totally cool in others’ eyes!


Monica Geller in Friends is a super-duper charismatic housewife who finally gets the heart of funny and rich Chandler Bing. People love the fact that she is responsible, neat and very principled in everything she does. People like her may not be the type that guys want to date, but they would find her for a long-term relationship or a caring wife.

Sometimes, love isn’t everything

Remember in The Mindy Project, Mindy and Casey ended their engagement after he decided to stay in Haiti and she in New York with her job, and our hearts broke a little?


It is a true bless to be in love, but women have to set priorities and figure out which is more important in their lives before sacrificing for love. Love can fill you with warmth and unforgettable moments, but it may not pay your rent, buy your food, bear your children, or even replace your significant ones.

No one is too different or weird to be loved

If you think you will forever belong to the FA or SAF groups (Forever Alone/Single As F***) because you are quirky or a bit “unordinary” compared with other people, you-are-wrong! If Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler in The Big Bang Theory can eventually have friends and find her soulmate, so can you!


People are basically different from each other. It’s ok if you are just a bit “more different”—difference makes you stand out. It’s likely that the other “more different” half of yours will be somewhere, or some “normal” guys will be attracted to your outstanding traits.

Love is within your reach

You can go around the world only to find that, love has always been right next to you. Look at various examples—Meredith and Derek in Grey’s Anatomy, Piper and Leo in Charmed, or Jess and Nick in New Girl. They all go through several on-off relationships, suffer from devastated break-ups, and grow in maturity when they finally find true love in the simplest scenarios.


You don’t have to cross the border, look for some guys on some fancy magazines, and scheme on how to draw their attention. All you need is to live with some principles, have a bit of humor and open your heart to everyone around—your friends, your roommates, your neighbors, your colleagues, and even passengers on the street. Love that comes from the simplest things in life is often the most sincere feeling and works the best.

With all these being said, why don’t you apply some of the lessons to your life and look confidently beautiful inside out? Love is all around—don’t miss it, you’ll miss a life!

My Nguyen
I write about feelings we need words for.