5 Gifts We Don’t Want This Valentine’s Day

Yes girls, it’s that time of year again. That time of year where we are all obliged to show our other halves just how much we truly and utterly love them. That time of year that the singletons among us dread. That time of year we love or hate the gifts our loved one has so carefully selected for us – or not as carefully as it may sometimes seem. That’s right, it’s Valentine’s Day.

Far from the tear-jerking romance of The Notebook and the heart-breaking love of Romeo & Juliet, is the modern day Valentine’s Day. And it appears to split opinions.

For a handful of people it is yet another tedious occasion, driven by the retail and food industries to pocket our well earned money from their overpriced, tacky items. Yet to others, it remains the perfect chance to show their significant other how much they really mean to them.

To some historical aspect this is exactly what it is – a time for love and appreciation. The Ancient Roman myth of the priest St. Valentine as the match maker of Rome, tells how he married young lovers in private, contrary to the Emperor’s law ruling that men could not marry. The brave nature behind the myth bares the potential for love to champion over all.

But it seems to me that the passion behind Valentine’s story has been lost amongst the dull, clichéd gifts that we’re now expected to buy for our loved one, year in year out. One or two girls may be too polite to admit it, but here are 5 gifts that we do not need (or want), this Valentine’s Day:

1.Soppy Cards

Who doesn’t love to be told that they’re the best girlfriend in the world? But c’mon tell me yourself. Not through the corny words written by a stranger printed on a pitiful card. There is an arguable lack of cuteness surrounding a bear holding a giant heart reading ‘No1 Girlfriend’, on a card with the forgotten price tag still stuck on the back!

2. Chocolates

Usually heart shaped, truffle filled and wrapped in pink paper tissue, that box of chocolates is guaranteed to make an appearance on Valentine’s Day this year. Are these guys sure they want to fuel our well established chocolate addictions?Despite often being considered an aphrodisiac, I can think of better ways to fire up the passion come February 14th.

3. A Meal Out

Set menus, double booked tables and restaurants peppered with despising couples who have only dragged each other out for that one day of the year that they feel they have to, a meal out may not exactly be the most romantic of activities on Valentine’s Day. Even when a table is made available for you it is often the case that the moment you finish your meal, waiting staff are waving you off and greeting the next couple, in an unpleasant conveyor belt fashion.

4. Flowers

A colourful array of pretty blossoms may cut the mustard. But nothing says I love you about a half dead bunch of Carnations!

From gas station bunches to luxury bouquets, not every girl can appreciate these natural fineries. In many ways to me they signify sad occasions, funerals in particular. They are commonly seen as the obligatory gift for the Valentine’s Day occasion, but they are in fact a somewhat lazy go-to option.


5. More Sexual Option

If they’re brave, very brave, your other half may even opt for a more sexual route and choose some rather suggestive lingerie. Quite often this may be without paying a sensible thought to which size, style, or colour you may require.

Instead they select something considerably more tasteless and degrading than we’d like. Nothing can describe the horror as you reluctantly peel back the tissue paper and reveal the contents. But if they get their choice spot on, they’re a keeper, right?

Being Original

We can all relate to at least one of these Valentine’s Clichés, can’t we? And if you can’t now, you may be faced with one in the near future.

Although the gifts listed here may seem like the only gift ideas available, I am almost convinced that with a little bit of careful thought the perfect idea will spring to mind. Perhaps getting creative and making something personal will show real thought and effort. Personally, I don’t expect the world and I’m probably the least high maintenance girl I know. Money isn’t a big factor; limited money has to be spent (if anything at all) to show appreciation.

A Word of Caution

But girls, this is not to say we are all experts in perfect gift buying. We too should remember we don’t always get it right, despite what our egos may tell us. The same rules apply: avoid the clichés and be unique. And they’ll thank you for it too!

So if you’re buying a Valentine’s gift this year, spare a thought for all those poor discarded items you’ve received in the past and remember, your loved one is worth far more than a box of bought chocolates.

Help bring some Valentine’s spirit back this February.

Featured image: Sally Crossthwaite, Creative Commons

Hannah Starkie
Hannah is a Quirky Daily Editorial intern and Linguistics student from Manchester, England. She is currently trying hard to pursue her writing dreams, whilst eating her weight in sweet potatoes and watching Once Upon a Time.