5 Genres of Music & What They Say About You

Music is universal, it is a language that everyone speaks and understands in some way. It is also a language that can divide individuals but also connect us through similar interests and tastes. We share music in the way we play it in the car, how we share it on social media with strangers and how we constantly are eager to hear new music from our favorite artists. In the car, in our headphones, at gatherings, music is constantly invading our lives. What I find the most interesting about music is how it separates us though as individuals. We all have our favorite songs, artists and overall types of music we listen to. The type of music you listen to the most definitely is symbolic of the kind of woman you are or the kind of woman you are becoming.

There is an abundance of genres of music, but there are a few that pop out when describing the essence of personalities of women. Each genre has a variety of songs, some are perfect for going out, some may be better when you are suffering from heart break. Either way, genres are meant to target different audiences, and very much so, different types of women. I want to hone in on the genres that I see the most in the presence of women; pop, R&B, hip-hop, rock and country.

Each of these genres represent the differences in a young woman. It is present in the beat, the overall sound, lyrics and the gritty details of the tracks. It doesn’t matter the kind of woman you are but the music you listen to or the music that catches your ear the most, speaks volumes about your persona. We are so consumed with our music that we forget to see how and why we connect to the music to begin with. We have these strong ties to our favorite sounds because they are directly representative of who we are to our cores.


Pop, it is an eclectic sound that utilizes sounds from other genres quite often. I associate pop or “popular” music with upbeat energy, something that you can dance to, relate to and have fun enjoying. The first artist that always comes to mind when I think of Pop music has to be Britney Spears. I grew up to her sound and remember feeling she was the best of the best once i entered my teenager years. Rising to fame in the late 90’s, her music was something every young girl instantly cherished. Even if you have stopped being a Britney Spears fan, listening to this kind of music can let others know about your personality instantly.

Women who listen to Pop more than other genres of work tend to be happy individuals. They have positive personalities; you will never see them sweat. They view the world with their own lens because they are independent of others’ ideas and beliefs as they are confident with their own. Women who listen to Pop are coasting on their own high, floating on clouds trying to enjoy life as much as they can.

I wouldn’t say that they never experience any down moments, because just like any other individual, they feel the daunting waves of life. They just experience things differently. Listeners of Pop music have a way of dismissing the negative aspects of experiences and attempting to find the good stuff in everything they touch. They are more focused on seeing the positives instead of wallowing in what could or has gone terribly wrong. If I could give this group an overall theme song, I would refer to Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” which released in the 2004. It is oddly representative of their strong voice and their “I’m going to be okay without you” kind of attitude.

There is also the one artist that every person may think of when referring to POP; Madonna. Her music has always been prevalent in the music industry as she is not only a talented female singer but her fun personality comes full circle when she performs on stage. Women who love her music and others in the same genre are quirky, fun and tend to be the friend who is full of life. They use this energy often as their energy is contagious, touching anyone they come across.


R&B can be upbeat as well as Pop music, but for the most part it tends to have a mellow vibe. It is the type of genre that a lot of people run to when they want to feel a certain mood, because it varies in the sounds, messages and overall vocal melodies. Usually speaking about deep emotions, R&B is the genre where you can sit back and relate to the artist mentally and sometimes romantically. As their vocals coast over the beat, you may relate to the heartbreak they are referring to, or maybe you relate to the desire to be promiscuous. Either way, it is super easy to connect to the music for most individuals.

Those who listen to R&B the most are angelic; they are lovers, not fighters. They are drawn to the energy of others and love to self-reflect. They are self-aware and understand the importance of working on one’s self as they encounter different people and experiences in life. There is a correlation between this music and their personality because of how they approach relationships. They enjoy the messages and the songs with a deeper meaning and this carries over to how they enter a relationship. Every connection, whether temporary or permanent, has some meaning that R&B fans hone in on. They seek this underlying meaning, hoping to gain more insight into the world.

They quickly understood Mario’s “Just A Friend 2002” because maybe they know what it feels like to have that connection with a friend or because they wonder how it would play it out it occurred in their own lives. Not only do they enjoy catchy songs like this one, but they appreciate the melodies surrounding the topics such as love and romance. Women who love RB also appreciate the seriousness of songs such as “We Belong Together” by Mariah Carey.

It doesn’t quite matter the song, fans of R&B are women who feel things deeply and connect more to artists who do the same through their art of music.


Hip-hop is distinct in the way that it attracts a wide range of fans. Hip-hop can be hard to define as it is a very interpretive genre, but for the most part is easy to recognize. Usually you know it is hip-hop through the sounds of the bass, orwhen artists use rapping instead of traditional singing, to convey a message to their audience. It is a vibrant genre and seems to have definitely permeated the media over the last few decades. Women who love hip-hop, well, they are just as distinct as the genre they listen to.

Women who listen to hip-hop are raw. They are the ones you cannot mess with, as they have strong personalities and are not afraid to show it. They strive in times of chaos due to their diligence, ambition and mental strength. Instead of drowning in chaotic situations, they use their strength to embrace it and pull through. These are the women that adapt to change easily and do it effortlessly. Don’t allow the Nas or Bone Thugs-N-Harmony they listen to fool you, they are sweethearts deep down but they have a tough shell to crack through.

Hip-Hop has the ability to attract many types of people but with women it is different. Spanning various races and cultural backgrounds, this rhythmic sound is symbolic of the women who listen to it. They are in tune with sounds around them and find it easy to connect to the music. They fall in love the most with the energy of the music, leaving them smiling hard. They value the energy in others and tend to seek others who also feel the same about hip-hop. Even in platonic relationships, they enjoy talking about the music and feel they have a lot to learn from others perspectives.


Rock music may be the hardest to classify. The energy is different from the upbeat, teenage loving sound that some people may get confused with Pop music at times. The sounds of rock will get you going, your skin crawling and your mind going. As you close your eyes, you can feel the sounds of rock music in your veins. It is more than upbeat music, it has the ability to catch your ears with intense electric sounds. People tend to associate guitars with rock, which is sometimes true, but that’s not all that it is, it is only a small piece to the puzzle of the music.

Three Days Grace or Green Day are only examples of the bands with this kind of sound and the women who listen to it are quite intriguing themselves. Women who enjoy rock music more than other genres are fiery creatures. They don’t hold back their thoughts or feelings and are usually associated with not having a filter. They are the friends who are always down without a cause, and the girlfriends who are intense and who love hard. They don’t believe in letting things go lightly and walk around with a noticeable middle finger up, kind of attitude.

As they jam to Foo Fighters or The White Stripes, they are the ones you don’t miss when you’re out at social gatherings. They are different from women who listen to mostly hip-hop because they are more overt in the way the express themselves, they don’t feel any need to hide who they are. These women flourish the most when they are in situations where they can be the center of attention and they enjoy it. They don’t shy away from the spotlight under any circumstance, they thrive in it.


Country music contains the most positive messages in comparison to all the other listed genres. With southern roots, you may think of country when you see big hats, cowboy boots and tons of smiles. Tapping into older folk-like music, country music is popular in its own right. It is very separate then the other genres of music as it has a sound unlike any other. What I appreciate the most about country music is the vocal talent of the singers, as their voices are so independent of one another that it is difficult to get their sound confused with a sound of another artist.

Women who listen to country music are the hippies in the group of friends. They enjoy organic activities and don’t care for all the drama or issues of others. They revel in their time alone, enjoying good reads and nature of all sorts as long as it gets them active. It doesn’t matter if the activity includes a walk in the park or hiking, being in the outdoors has a weird way of getting their gears going, their smiles bright and their hearts beating faster.

They fall in love with the looks of Tim McGraw and fall even harder for the vocals and authentic lyrics of Taylor Swift. They enjoy the reality of situations and no matter how tough the experience, they smile bright and often. These are the women who talk less and listen more because they find the beauty in trying to understand instead of being understood. They may like the quiet and normalcy of life, but that doesn’t make them easy to walk over. They stand up for themselves when faced for a challenge but they possess this innate ability to do it effortlessly and with as little pain or discomfort as possible. Women who are serious country music fans are inspiring in their own right to say the least.

Even though there are only five here, there are a multitude of genres. Some genres of music combine the likings of others to form their own distinct sound. They are also variant sounds in the genres itself that can shed more light into the women who listen to the music. If you don’t listen to one genre more than another, it is okay. It’s not that the genres we listen to most define us completely but they give others around us a glimpse into who we are. They only speak to a part of who you are as an individual.

Walking away from this article should not just teach you about women you may know, but it should also teach you about yourself. Did you always wonder why you connect more to R&B than Pop music? Or how you could not stand Rock music but had a special place in your heart for country? Use this as a guide to yourself, to remember the bits and pieces off what makes you, you. Appreciate the music you listen to, the music you don’t like and how it all makes you feel. That is a part of life, continuing to learn about yourself, and growing. Use your music as something to uplift you and then make sure you never touch the ground.

Photo by Armin van Buuren

Breona Garrison
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