The 5 Emotional Stages of Posting to Instagram

Emotional stages of posting to instagram

Are you an Insta-addict? Do you experience emotional highs and lows when posting to the popular app? You’re not alone.

1. Anticipation

You’ve spent days putting together a flawless outfit, making sure your hair and makeup are on point, and striking your signature pose in front of the mirror. The latest apps that modern technology has to offer are at your fingertips. Your creativity has no limits. The stage is set for you to take the chicest style post in Instagram history.

2. Excitement

Congratulations—you’ve taken the perfect picture! After a few adjustments to the brightness, contrast, saturation, highlights, and shadows, you proudly caption your picture with #nofilter. As you tag the appropriate labels, designers, and stores, you add a few witty hashtags and share the love via other social media channels. You’re elated. This will have them double-tapping by the hundreds! You linger in suspense as your post loads.

3. Weakness

Thoughts of self-doubt cloud your mind. Is this picture really Instagram-worthy? Is this a terrible outfit? You think: Does that Earlybird filter make me look too hipster-like? The Hudson filter too cold-hearted? Do I look hideous? Do I look too good? Will people think I’m conceited? Will they understand my sense of humor in hashtag form? You look through your past posts for validation. Feeling the panic set in, you go back to your home screen.

4. Frustration

Is Instagram down? Did your post fail to load? The horror! You post again. You immediately check if your photo received any likes. You quickly search for pictures to comment on in hopes of drawing fresh eyes. Comparing yourself to others, you’re instantly upset about your follower to following ratio. Seconds go by. Still not enough likes! You’re deeply saddened by the fact that your emotional state is so easily swayed by the amount of hearts in that tiny orange box of hopes and dreams.

5. Defiance

Just as you’re about to swear off the evils of technology forever, you have a revelation: Haters are most certainly going to hate. Suddenly liberated by this sense of empowerment, you put down the phone. You think: I don’t need this (even though in the back of your mind you’re fully aware that well, you do). After a few hours, you come back to a trove of likes and comments. Your eyes light up. Who cares if you see a few pity double-taps from your BFF or a couple of spam messages? Your self-esteem has risen from the ashes! With your faith restored in Instagram, you vow to keep giving your loyal followers the pictures they deserve. How else are they going to know how fabulous you are?

Feature image: Thiago Marques, Creative Commons

Valerie Sarron
Creator of The Sweet Seed (, a lifestyle guide for the modern, multifaceted lady.