3 Books Every Girl Should Read In Her 20’s

In this day and age full of technology and social media, we kind of forget about the simpler things, the times were we read for fun (For those who don’t anymore). After finishing college, I’ve noticed how I stopped doing the things I learned in school because I either don’t have the time or the energy. Maybe it is because I have finally entered the real world and don’t feel the need to learn, but I should always want to learn and so should you. Learning is not something you just experience or do while in school, but it is an on-going process in order to better understand yourself and understand those around you. One thing that you can do to enhance that experience is to continue reading, and read good.

When I say to read good, I mean to read something of substance that will push you mentally. Allow yourself to learn on your own in your own space. It doesn’t matter how many books you may get through in a year, as long as you make it a habit to do so as much as you can. Reading isn’t just a learning experience for you, it is also a way to escape the worldly things that distract us from having alone time. You can sit with your book, connect with an author and be alone with your thoughts. Your 20’s are a great time to indulge reading again because you are in a great place to absorb new information. So while you begin this new journey to read again, there are a few books that you must read as you move through this time in your life.

Capital T Truth: Little Hits from the Universe – Jamie Varon

This short book is a quick read but it filled with important tips and ideas that will change your outlook. Written by an editorial advocate from the Thought Catalog, the author does a great job of covering a lot of topics very quickly but with such detail. She gives tips about how to live your life without worrying about what others think and how to find your true identity. She makes sure to touch on love and dating, seeing as young people, we get worried when things do not go the way we planned. What you can walk away from this book with is a deeper understanding for the world you live in and also how to live in it.

The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance—What Women Should Know – Katty Kay & Claire Shipman

Every young woman should read this book for what it is; an eye-opener. Written by two women who studied other women, it is a great way of pointing the finger at ourselves in the best possible way. The book discusses the evolution of the woman, how we are becoming more educated and more qualified in the work place but still lack confidence. They explain it over various chapters that break down our actions and daily encounters that directly show our lack of confidence in our abilities. What this book does is remind women to exude confidence and to remind ourselves that we are great in our own ways. Reading this during your 20’s gives you an extra boost, pep in your step and confidence in the way you speak. Whether in the beginning or end of your 20’s, you will benefit greatly.

Age 21: The Bell Jar – Sylvia Plath

This book is a great read especially if you are just leaving college. Transitioning phases in life can overwhelm us and confuse us about what’s next. This book does a great job at reminding you that it is okay to not have everything figured out, and that you are not experiencing it alone. One example is when you leave college, everyone walks and talks like they know exactly what they are going to do, but usually it is not the case. Everyone is wondering nervously how they are going to get things done and where will their life take them. This book does a good job at relaxing you as a young woman, reminding you that being 21 doesn’t have to be a terrible or stressful time, and how you can enjoy it.

It doesn’t matter the order in which you read the books, but that you do. Each book will teach you things that are not just beneficial in your 20’s but throughout your entire life. Teaching you about confidence, learning how to life live and even find love are topics that can change your perspective. In a world where a lot of people are stuck in their ways, these books can change you, allowing you to throw to the side your old ideas and notions and look at the world differently. Once you are able to find good books to read, it can become an enjoyable experience if you stopped. It is your time to be in your own world and reflect on things about yourself and others, so use these books as a guide to fall back in love with books and all that they can offer.

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Breona Garrison
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