14 Unconventional Wardrobe Staples

Wardrobe Staples

We’ve all read articles telling you that your wardrobe needs crisp navy blazers and clean white button ups. But how boring is that? Here are some staples for your wardrobe that are a bit more… unconventional.

Denim Overalls

Photo Source: Kater

Overalls have taken on a new sense of popularity and are now a cool-girl wardrobe essential. Just imagine how awesome you’d look strolling around a farmer’s market or grabbing an iced coffee in these.

Velvet Bellbottoms


Photo Source: Tyra Hansen

Look deep, deep inside yourself. Try to convince yourself that you don’t need these pants. It’s basically impossible considering how comfortable, soft, and surprisingly flattering they are. Plus this color is called ‘Avocado.’ Need I say more?

Funky Denim Jacket

Photo Source: Ellen Kleimans

Your Old Navy jean jacket could use a little facelift. Find some fun and quirky patches to iron on from Etsy and create a jacket that’s totally original. If you aren’t the crafty type, stores like Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitter’s sell denim jackets with a little extra flare to them.

Orange Maxi Dress

Photo Source: Huynh Hanh

There’s no point in wearing a maxi dress if it isn’t going to be a fun and happy color. Now, I may be biased as a Clemson Tiger but to me there is no happier color than Orange. Pair this with some fun shades or brown wedges and go conquer the world.

Yellow Sundress

Photo Source: Kestas Venzlauskas 

Yellow sundresses are about the most uplifting garment you can put on your body. Really, try wearing a yellow sundress and not spread sunshine and smiles everywhere you go. Seriously, I dare you.

Suede Mini Skirt

Photo Source: Thieves Vintage

With the 70’s style back on the rise, suede is a great investment. It’s such a nice soft fabric and gives the vibe of urban-western chic. I would wear these with a big floppy hat and some gladiator sandals and pretend I was walking around Santorini.

Faux Leather Skirt

Photo Source: Thieves Vintage

A nice leather skirt is always a good call. Ever since I saw a picture of Rosie Huntington Whitely wearing a leather mini skirt with a flow black tank top tucked into it I have been dying for one. Do some animals a favor and keep the leather fake, though.

White Turtle Neck


Photo Source: Spark News

As if I need to convince you to follow Kendall Jenner’s fashion choices. Even though they might have been a dorky choice a few years ago, turtlenecks have been coming back this winter. Pairing this with a leather skirt gives you a great winter look while keeping you warm and cozy

Your Favorite Team’s Ballcap

Photo Source: Tanaya Henry

Baseball caps are so fun and underrated. They bring a laid-back element to every outfit and give you a chance to show off some team spirit. My vintage Chicago Cubs hat always acts as a good conversation starter too.

Camel Jacket

Photo Source: Megan Tintari

What could be more classic than a camel jacket? This piece works with all body types, is as functional as it is fashionable, and is completely timeless. Invest in a good one because it is sure to last you a long time.

Thigh High Boots

Photo Source: Megan Tintari

Some girls are scared to try out this daring style, but over the knee boots add such a fun twist to an outfit that there really is no harm in trying it out. If you are hesitant to the trend, try a safer color boot like black or brown. However, if the style is appealing to you, why not go for something a little more unsuspecting like maroon?

White Pumps

Photo Source: Megan Tintari

If you are telling me you weren’t inspired to walk around in a bikini and white pumps after seeing Ariana Grande’s album cover, you’re lying. All jokes aside, white heels are a very fashion forward heel choice and are surprisingly flattering. You can dress them down with boyfriend jeans or dress them up with a cocktail dress.

Glitter Sneakers

Photo Source: Be Daze Live

Ugh, is there anything more rad than glitter sneakers? Anyone who sees you strutting around in these knows that you are not to be tangled with.


Photo Source: Megan Tintari

I adore scrunchies. Anything that makes me feel like I am Cher Horowitz is a must. Plus, scrunchies don’t tug at your scalp the way normal ponytail holders do. Take your party pony to the next level by adding a velvet scrunchy to it.

A Pair of Rad Mirrored Sunglasses

Photo Source: Megan Tintari 

Ditch your Ray Bans and grab a pair of mirrored sunglasses in a fun and unique style. Go for something with a fun cat-eye or maybe some cool cutouts.


Photo Source: Thieves Vintage

Kimonos are the greatest. They’re breezy, they’re fun, and they make you feel like you’re gliding around in your very own Maui bungalow.

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