10 Ways to Make a Bad Day Better

bad day

Having a bad day? Don’t sweat it! They happen to the best of us. Sometimes, it just takes a little extra pick-me-up in order to turn your day around. Here are a few tips to help salvage the day:

1. Eat something warm.

We’ve all turned to our best friends Ben and Jerry when we’ve been down in the dumps, but sometimes we need something that warms our soul like some chicken noodle soup, grilled cheese, or mashed potatoes. It’s called comfort food for a reason! Sitting down with a bowl of homemade soup and a grilled cheese sandwich may be just the thing we needed. Nothing about a salad screams “eat me, I’m comforting,” but sitting down with a nice warm bowl of chicken noodle soup can remind us of home and the good old days when our moms cut the crusts off of our grilled cheese.

2. Call your mom.

It could be that after completing number one, you’ve started to miss home. But the truth is that mom really does know how to fix everything. I know what some of us are thinking, and nowe are never too old to look to our mothers for comfort; nor are we ever too old to seek their advice. The truth is, moms are eager to listen and always have the perfect piece of advice. If you’re fortunate enough to still have your mom around, you should definitely give her a call or a visit. She’ll know exactly the right thing to say and she might even make you some of that homemade chicken noodle soup you love!

3. Sing and dance like no one is watching.

After a long hard day, jamming out to your favorite song can really boost your mood. You can even sneak away mid-day into a nearby bathroom and turn up the volume on Taylor Swift’s single “Shake It Off” and literally shake off the stress of the day. Dance your heart out until you look so ridiculous that even you can’t keep a straight face. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself laughing and smiling again.

4. Compliment a stranger.

When you’re feeling down, why not make someone else’s day a little brighter? Tell the guy next to you in the elevator he has great hair and the woman walking down the street that you love her blazer. It’ll make them feel good about themselvesespecially coming from a stranger who took the time out of their days to notice and compliment them. Soon enough their smiles will become contagious and you’ll find yourself in better spirits!

5. Play with some furry friends.

Volunteer at your local shelter and spend some time playing with the animals! Not only is helping out animals in need rewarding, but animals have a natural charm about them that warms our hearts!

6. Tell corny jokes.

You know the kind I’m talking about. The kind that are so bad they’re funny. In the spirit of Halloween, allow me to provide you with an example: What happened to the guy who couldn’t keep up his payments to his exorcist? He was repossessed. See, that joke is so lame that it’s almost funny. Bounce a few cheesy jokes around with friends and you’re bound to be laughing in no time!

7. Write about it.

Sometimes it’s something internal that’s weighing us down. Writing serves as an excellent way to release some pent up emotions. You can freely express your feelings on paper and by the end of it all, you’ll feel a whole lot lighter! As an added bonus, you can even tear up the paper filled with content that has been bringing you down.

8. Browse the internet for pets in costumes.

No one can be in a bad mood while looking at a furry friend sporting a cute costume. Trust me. It’s impossible.

9. Shout motivational words in the mirror.

If you’re having a stressful day and you’re about ready to give up, pretend you’re the coach of a football team that’s 0-14 in the last inning. Sure, you might be losing, but heck! You’re still in the game, aren’t you? That means it’s not over until it’s over and you still have a chance to pull out a victory! Give yourself your best motivational speech until you believe it, and then get your head back in the game!

10. Try something you’ve always been afraid to do.

A tough day can leave you feeling pretty low. This is all the more reason why you should try something you’ve always had the burning desire to do but you’ve let fear get the best of you. Be spontaneous and go zip lining! The adrenaline rush will give you that much-needed jolt of energy, not to mention the fulfillment you’re going to feel from overcoming your fears!

The next time you’re having a bad day, try one or more of these tips and you’ll be feeling better before you know it!

Photo by Eneas

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