10 Reasons You Should Enroll in Adult Preschool

Do you ever sit on your couch and think back to the days when you were still a child? Do you remember how simple the world was? No bills to worry about, no hovering bosses, and learning was actually fun. Unfortunately, for the modern day adult or college student, free time and imagination is becoming nothing more than a fond memory. There’s too many responsibilities to take care of and not enough hours in the day. It’s fairly easy for all of us to fall into a mind numbing schedule of working, eating, and sleeping, right? Not very eventful.

But a child’s life is jam packed with imagination plus the eating and sleeping part. Sounds like a fairly good deal. Think about it. Pillow forts turn into castles and playgrounds transform into pirate ships. Doesn’t it make you just a tad bit jealous of their happy-go-lucky lifestyle? Wouldn’t it be nice to go back for just a little bit and reacquaint yourself with your inner child?

Well I’ve got some good news for you. You’re not alone! In fact, you’re far from it! There are plenty of adults out there that seek to tap back into their childhood through extraordinary means— none of which include bombarding unsuspecting children at a playground though, thankfully. Besides, why join the kids when you can enroll in a preschool designed specially for adults? Created by Michelle Joni, the Preschool Mastermind program invites ‘grownups’ to push aside their stress for a while and enjoy life for what it is without having to mingle with the younger crowd.

Curious to know more about the benefits? Here are some extra reasons to nudge you right along into a world of finger painting and fun. For starters, you get to enjoy:

1. Nap Time

Back in the real days of preschool, naps were unwanted. But now?  Let’s be honest with ourselves here. Most of us would be willing to curl up in a random closet if it meant getting even a small amount of shuteye. In Miss Joni’s preschool, adults are encouraged to do just that! Nap! So grab your blanket and pillows and prepare to board the Dreamland Express!

2. Stress Buster 

When was the last day you got to really unwind? Ten years? Twenty, maybe? We all deserve a chance to free up our mind with the more simple things. Try spending just a couple days attending this special school, and you’re sure to walk away feeling more at peace with yourself and others.

3. Great Social Experiment

Most people enjoy making friends. Unfortunately, socializing has become a little rare to society nowadays due to the overwhelming attention we give to our computers and cellphones. We’re not as open to small talk as we used to be. In fact, a lot of us grow downright uncomfortable with it. Somehow, children outsmart us with this skill of talking by taking advantage of their creative classroom environment. Miss Joni’s preschool imitates this environment through activities such as show and tell, arts and crafts, and games. With so many opportunities to socialize, you may just walk away with some golden friendships as a parting gift.

4. Awakens Imagination and Creativity

Just think… make believe, glitter, and play-dough! With so many fun tools at your disposal, you’ll be packed with ideas every week (bonus points if you if already work in a creative type of job). If you have children, you already know first hand how creative they can be with just about anything. While it certainly helps to be youthful to give the imagination a boost, it isn’t required. Imagine all the cool party ideas you’ll come up with in the future!

5. It’s Motivational

With promises of things such as snacks and field trips, I think most of us are open to becoming a little more motivated, right? And the more motivated you are, the better you do with accomplishing everyday tasks!

6. Develops a Fresh Perspective 

After multiple classes of coloring and making friends, you may just start seeing the world from a different lens. Nobody expects you to suddenly lose your maturity and act like a toddler again, but it’s welcoming to view the things around you in a whole different light sometimes.

7. It’s All About You 

No kids in sight! This classroom is all about you and your creativity! If you happen to have children, you know how valuable this can really be. As a parent, your children are always your top priority. You spend each and every moment working to inspire your little ones through coloring, games, and a variety of other things. But you deserve the same too, don’t you? And just think of how thrilled they’ll be when you come back home with the same type of projects they work on!

8. The Experience 

How many people can actually say they’ve enrolled themselves in a preschool for adults? Probably not that many. It’s not the most conventional thing to do, but it certainly is worth having as a fond memory. You can be one of the few that will be able to reflect back on those days and proudly say you were able to get back in touch with your childhood. How cool is that?

9. It Expands the Business 

Everybody starts out small. The adult preschool program is no exception. At the moment, Miss Joni’s lovely little classroom is located in Brooklyn, making it a little tricky to enroll if you’re on the other side of the country. However, for those that can make the trip, or happen to live in that bustling city, your decision to get in touch with your childhood can help spread the idea around. Then maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to look forward to seeing the program in other places as well.

10. It’s Fun!

Honestly, do you need any other reason? If you think you’ll enjoy it, go for it! You only live once!

Of course I understand that most of us can’t just drop everything we’re doing and rush off to New York to attend this class, but I think it’s reasonable to at least add it on as a Bucket List consideration, yes? So when and if you do decide to take part in this preschool setting, don’t feel ashamed! Put all your work right up there on your fridge as a constant reminder that you’re capable of seeing the world in more than one way.

Featured image: Albastrica Mititica, Creative Commons

Andrea Carter
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